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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | January 15, 2021

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E3 2013: What to Expect from Nintendo

E3 2013: What to Expect from Nintendo

The House of Mario will have plenty to show off at E3 on Tuesday. Here’s what we’re expecting.

Nintendo are cutting back at E3 this year, abstaining from a traditional press conference in favour of a smaller affair. However, that doesn’t change the importance of the event to Nintendo: it’s their biggest opportunity to show the world what they’ve got in store for us. And with Wii U sales tanking by the minute, this could be a make or break event. We’ve had a think about what we can expect to see: check out our predictions below.

A Wii U Price Drop


One of the chief reasons for Nintendo’s poor Wii U sales has been its price, which many would call excessive. There have been strong rumours of Nintendo making the purchase a little bit sweeter by dropping the price of the 32GB model, and recent evidence that the 8GB model is being discontinued seems to suggest that Nintendo have some form of overhaul in mind. It’s difficult to say for certain, but we’d bet that a price drop is pretty likely.

Likelihood: 90%


Super Smash Bros. U


This one is rather likely: with the absence of an update to Nintendo’s much loved brawling crossover game, we think we’re bound to see the new addition. Wii U and 3DS cross-compatibility has already been confirmed for the latest entry in the franchise, but we don’t know anything other than that. We fully expect to see some gameplay at E3, with a release date announced, possibly for this holiday season.

Likelihood: 80%


The Legend of Zelda HD


Nintendo’s first party titles have always sold systems, and that’s not going to change anytime soon, as EA’s recent abandonment of the Wii U has shown. But Mario and Luigi just aren’t going to cut it: gamers love Zelda, and Nintendo have been hinting at a HD game for the Wii U since the console’s original reveal. Nintendo have already said that they’re bringing an HD remake of Wind Waker to Wii U later this year, but people want an entirely new title in the series. Current rumours estimate the new game to be released early next year, which might mean that we’ll get a proper look at it this E3. We’re fairly confident on this one.

Likelihood: 70%


Kirby for U?

kirbyWith Kirby MIA since 2011, will we see a Wii U debut for everyone’s favourite pink suction blob? There’s also a chance he could pop up on the 3DS, though we feel a Wii U game is more likely. Let’s face it, the Wii U could do with some…y’know…games, and as Kirby is a popular character, we think the chances of him making an appearance at E3 are pretty good. Here’s hoping we’re graced with his presence once more very soon!

Likelihood: 70%


A New 3DS Model


Considering Nintendo have only recently released the 3DS XL, we think it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing any sort of rejigged handheld. The 3DS is great as it is and it’s hard to see any directions Ninty could take to entice current owners into an upgrade. Having said that, Nintendo do have a history of adding minor upgrades to their handhelds (DSI, anyone?), and so we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a 3DS refresh entirely.

Likelihood: 10%


Now you know what we think, but we want to hear from you. Is there anything you’re hoping to see on Tuesday? Let us know in the comments.

  • shabd

    Uh, Nintendo already said they will have footage of Smash Bros, and that they’ll show 3D Mario and Mario Kart.