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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | August 4, 2020

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E3 2013: What to Expect from Sony

E3 2013: What to Expect from Sony

Sony will show off all sorts of goodies at their E3 press conference: here’s what to expect.

Sony have already held one big event this year, back in February when they revealed the PS4. But make no mistake: this E3 is still a massive deal for the company. It’s their chance to convince us that the PS4 is worth buying: no easy feat. We’ve got some ideas for what Sony might show us on Monday: check them out below.

Release Date and Price for PS4


We know a lot about the PS4, but we don’t know some important details (such as what the console actually looks like). Top of the list is a release date and price for the new console. These are both major factors in determining the initial sales of the device: launch too close to the X1 and you’ll get ignored, launch too far afterwards and you’ll miss peak Christmas shopping period, launch too early and you’ll already be outdated by the time the X1 comes out. As for price…well we all know how the PS3 launch went. There’s also the small question of international pricing (Sony have a huge following outside of America) and whether they’ll go for a worldwide launch (all bets are that they will). No matter how the launch happens, we need answers from Sony, and we’re fairly sure that we’ll get them at E3. We do, however, think that a lot depends on what Microsoft choose to announce at their press conference: Sony have over six hours to adapt their press conference as necessary, and that’s definitely a possibility. Still, we’d say to expect an announcement at Sony’s conference (we’re betting that Microsoft will announce something as well).

Likelihood: 99%


Used Game Fees

Microsoft have made headlines everywhere with the revelation that used games may have an additional fee attached, as determined by the publisher. This has obviously enraged many gamers, but we think that the PS4 will follow in X1’s footsteps here. Pressure from publishers to prevent used game sales increases by the hour, and Sony would be mad to let them all flock to Microsoft, which would inevitably happen if the X1 was the only console to have such anti-used game measures. We’d also like to point out that EA recently cancelled the online-pass system on all consoles, and we find it hard to believe that they’d do that without assurance that both PS4 and X1 will help to shut down the preowned market. Sony’s noticeable silence on the matter further increases our suspicions, and so we think Sony will have something in place to curb the sale of used games. Expect serious anti-Sony hate over the coming weeks.

Likelihood: 90%


PS Vita Price Drop

ps_vita_beautyThe PS Vita has been a failure for Sony in the fullest sense of the word. Although it’s a great games console and despite Sony’s recent success in expanding its library, the sales have been more than a bit weak. The humongous price has been a major factor of this, and Sony would be wise to rectify this at E3. Sony clearly haven’t given up on the console just yet, with it receiving major integration into the PS4, so a price drop could be just the thing Sony needs to start selling the brilliant handhelds. We’re pretty sure this is going to happen.

Likelihood: 80%


The End of PS+


PlayStation Plus is undoubtedly the best deal going in gaming right now, with a huge amount of games available to play with one cheap subscription. Unfortunately, many are saying that the service is financially unsustainable: there are a great deal of gamers who have a PlayStation Plus subscription in lieu of buying any new games, and we’ve certainly held off purchasing some older titles in the hopes that they’ll one day come to Plus. With increased development costs for PS4, PS+ may well be a thing of the past. Although we’d love for Sony to continue this superb service, we think we might have to wave goodbye to the service. At the very least, we don’t expect to see as many AAA titles available to download in future.

Likelihood: 60%


Uncharted 4

Uncharted 3_2

Naughty Dog have just wowed critics with The Last of Us, and that means it’s time for them to do something new. Since the announcement that the studio is formed of two independent teams, we’ve been praying that the second team’s been working on Uncharted 4. It would be a killer launch title for PS4, and a game that would undoubtedly sell well. But the lack of any significant rumors around the project is discouraging, so we’re not as certain as we’d like to be. We’d say that this could go either way, although our own fingers are crossed for Nathan Drake’s return.

Likelihood: 50%


The Last Guardian


Team ICO have been locked away for the last 8 years working on The Last Guardian, a game that we’ve heard about for years but that has still not been released. Originally set for release in 2011, the departure of project lead Fumito Ueda and other complications have led to delays, delays and yet more delays, with the project’s current status entirely unknown. Whilst Sony have recently said that they have nothing to say about The Last Guardian, rumours have recently sparked up surrounding the game. Although it was slated to be a PS3 title, it’s now expected to have switched to PS4, and could be a huge title for the PS4’s launch period. We think that these rumours may just be the wishful thinking of fanboys, unfortunately, and we don’t expect to see anything this year.

Likelihood: 30%

Now that you’ve seen what we predict, what do you think we’ll see at the press conference? Let us know in the comments.

  • TheGrimReaper0011

    No easy feat? It’s REALLY easy!
    No used games and DRM shit!

  • John

    Your prediction about ps+ is irrationnal; it just doesn’t make sense. Why take off something that is very popular among fans? It’s actually what competes with the xbox live! Your fortune-telling ball must have came out of your butt!

  • Cameron Lim

    I really hope they give a date for The Last Guardian. I just want that game to be over with good or bad, hopefully the former.

    Also it would be great to finally see Agent the PS exclusive from Rockstar.