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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | July 4, 2015

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Frog Fractions 2: Interview With Jim Crawford

April 2, 2014 |

Have you ever played Frog Fractions? The correct answer is yes. Developer Jim Crawford is currently working on a sequel, and we had the chance to chat with him and ask him a few questions about the upcoming game. Listen to the episode below, and back the Kickstarter here.

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The Talkingship Show: Trailer

January 3, 2014 |

Yes, that’s right: Talkingship’s been brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century with all-new video content. Jake and Shakeel, hosts of the HMS Game Attack podcast, are back with a brand new show. Live every Saturday, the two Brits … Read More

Game of the Generation Podcast

November 24, 2013 | 1

Jitterbug and Nerves get together with Shaxster, Fisherman, and Antony to discuss, debate, and scream about what they think the video games of the past generation were. Trust us, this is going to piss you off… so get ready for … Read More

Flagship # 174 – Butthole Cocktails

October 29, 2013 |

Jitterbug and Nerves get together to debate the virtues of putting alcohol directly into your anus. Welcome back on board!

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Flagship # 173 – Thundercats vs Pornography

October 3, 2013 |

Nerves and Jitterbug debate the validity of 80′s youth versus the power of internet pornography, among other things. Buckle yourselves in for another trip through choppy waters!

You can download yourself some audio goodness right HERE!


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Flagship # 172 – Nerves Goes Juggahoing

September 24, 2013 |

Jitterbug and Nerves get together again to drink beer and be idiots. They’ve pretty much mastered the act by this point. Get ready for lots of Grand Theft Auto, Steam Box, Breaking Bad, and Insane Clown Posse?!

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Flagship # 171 – Baby Boomin’

September 17, 2013 |

Nerves and Jitterbug finally get back together to record another podcast! It’s been a long time, because Nerves has been busy having a baby! Jitterbug gorges on some box wine, and soon the two are screaming nice things at each … Read More

Flagship #170 – Backyard Brawling

August 7, 2013 |

Nerves and Jitterbug get together again this week for another round of drinks and shenanigans. However, there’s a hint of anger and violence in the room, and before the show is over there might just end up being a fight! … Read More

Flagship # 169 – Craigslist Boners

July 25, 2013 |

Nerves and Jitterbug are back again for another round of drinks. This week there’s the regular News From the Mainland, Soundsystem, and Video Vault segments, with a little extra Just The Facts, Ma’am as well as a new discussion about … Read More

Flagship # 168 – Butthole Pinecones

July 19, 2013 |

Jitterbug and Nerves are pushing the fleet along with their little dinghies. This week they discuss how Nerves liked the movie Ted and Jitterbug didn’t, about mustachioed detectives that drink too much, and a special little thing called the Fisherman’s Friend. Enjoy!

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