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E3 2013: The Full Schedule

E3 2013: The Full Schedule

E3 2013 kicks off on Monday, and we’re going to bring you the best coverage you’ve ever seen. Because we’re great like that.

It’s that time of year: the time of press conferences, game announcements and booth babes. That’s right, E3 2013 is finally here. We’ll be covering the event all next week, with live blogs, podcasts, editorials, videos and more. Watch our E3 2013 promo, and check out the full schedule of events below.–M-3KZQ

  • 9.30 AM Pacific/5.30 PM London: Microsoft Press Conference

    10.00AM Pacific/6.00 PM London: Apple WWDC Press Conference

    1.00PM Pacific/9.00PM London: EA Press Conference

    3.00PM Pacific/11.00PM London: Ubisoft Press Conference

    6.00PM Pacific/2.00AM (Tuesday) London: Sony Press Conference

  • 9.00AM Pacific/5.00PM London: Nintendo Press Conference

    2.00PM Pacific/10.00PM London: Day 1 Summary

  • 2.00PM Pacific/10.00PM London: Day 2 Summary

  • 2.00PM Pacific/10.00PM London: Day 3 Summary

And here’s a handy timezone converter.


  • djdsf

    I didn’t know apple was part of Monday’s E3. I say shax should cover the MS conference just so he can’t see the apple one :-)

  • Shaxster

    We feel it’s a big enough event to warrant coverage. I’m covering both Apple and MS 😉

  • djdsf

    “We” is a lot of people… 😛