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Top and Bottom 5 Picks of the TalkingShip Fantasy League

Are you ready for some football?  Some fantasy football?  Well, we here on the ship are.  Officially, I mean, we’re ready.  The Talkingship Fantasy Football League drafted on Thursday and everyone came out feeling like their team was unbeatable.  Hey, it’s the preseason and everyone’s undefeated.  Everyone except the Rams.  They’ve already made plans for their first pick of the 2011 NFL Draft.  So how did everything really shake out?  Who were the top picks of the TalkingShip Fantasy League?

TOP 5 Picks –

His feet are blurring ... BLURRING

Championships are won with value picks like Darren Sproles in the last round.

5. Terrell Owens (WR, Cincinnati) – Round 8, Pick 9 – The Jitterbugs:  I have Terrell Owens rocketing up my Receiver rankings.  He may have his problems but he has been showing that he definitely has something left in the tank this preseason.  If the Bengals line holds, both Ochocinco and Owens could be in for monster years.  At the end of Round 8, this pick has upside written all over it.

4.  Brent Celek (TE, Philadelphia) – Round 8, Pick 1 – 2 Shipheads 1 Cup: After the initial run on Tight Ends in Round 4, I was wondering when the next one would go.  While others were burning picks that could lock down their Running Backs and Wide Receivers on Tight Ends that were marginally better than Brent Celek, 2 Shipheads got an excellent RB in Pierre Thomas in Round 4 and locked up his TE spot in Round 8.  Great value.

3.  Arian Foster (RB, Houston) – Round 11, Pick 7 – DogsDieInHotCars: Simply put DogsDie picked up a starting NFL Running Back on an underrated offensive team in Round 11 of this draft.  If Foster doesn’t pan out for him, he spent his Round 11 pick on a potential star that didn’t pan out instead of … say … a backup Tight End.  Who would you rather have?

2.  Jamaal Charles (RB, Kansas City) – Round 4, Pick 10 – yoshifett: He may have a Thomas Jones problem, but Jamaal Charles is a gamebreaker in Kansas City.  If you’re gauging 2010 performance by the end of 2009, here’s all Charles did in the last four weeks of 2009: 659 Rushing Yards and 4 Touchdowns, with 259 Yards and 2 TDs in Week 17 alone.  FYI, Week 17 is our League Championship Week.  Just saying.

1.  Darren Sproles (RB, San Diego) – Round 18, Pick 3 – HungryHippos: Darren Sproles may end up with the worst stats out of anyone in this list, but he is my pick of the draft.  The Chargers know how talented Sproles is and will work him into the offense.  Worst-case scenario: The Hippos have a spot-starter for their flex spot.  Best-case scenario: Ryan Mathews isn’t the God everyone thinks he is, and the Chargers go back to the sparkplug that has proven it in the past.  Picking up a potential superstar in the last round of the draft is absolutely ridiculous.


Sidney Rice's hips don't lie

Rule #1: If you're not sure, Google your guy before you click Draft

5.  Garret Hartley (K, New Orleans) – Round 10, Pick 4 – DogsDieInHotCars: The first conscious Kicker Picker.  New Orleans has a great offense that scores a lot of points, but does that translate into a great point total for their kicker, or will he be kicking extra points all day?  The Saints could throw up 35 points and Hartley would only get 5 out of it.  The kicker position is so unstable in the NFL that you should always wait until the last round to pick one. Especially with guys like Carson Palmer, Michael Bush, and Malcolm Floyd still on the board.

4. Owen Daniels (TE, Houston) – Round 6, Pick 8 – Soup Nazis: In Rounds 4 and 5, Dallas Clark, Antonio Gates, and Jermichael Finley were all selected.  Those players are miles ahead of Daniels.  In Round 8, Brent Celek was selected.  He is miles ahead, too.  This looks to me like a panic pick that was made to shore up a position that the Soup Nazis thought would be slim pickings by the time they got another shot at it.

3. San Francisco (DEF) – Round 7, Pick 2 – The Jitterbugs: Luckily Jitterbug saved himself in Round 8 with the Terrell Owens pick, but was the first defense off the board seriously the San Francisco one?  I understand the NFC West sucks.  The 49ers Defense is one of my sleeper picks at the Team Defense position.  But that makes a good pick in Round 11 or 12.  They would be great if they only played the NFC West, but they have to travel to other divisions, too.  The Jets, Vikings, Ravens, and Eagles defenses will almost certainly put up better end-of-year numbers than the 49ers.  And they went in Round 9.

2. Shonn Green (RB, New York Jets) – Round 1, Pick 4 – MV Shipheads: Listen, this guy would have been available for you in Round 2.  Maybe even in Round 3. Maurice Jones-Drew was just waiting for you to pick him.  Shonn Greene is a dynamite Running Back on a great running team.  He has one huge problem: One of the greatest Running Backs in the history of the NFL is on the team, too.  And this isn’t some old, broke-down LaDanian Tomlinson.  LT has looked great in the preseason and has outplayed Shonn Green at every opportunity.

1. Sidney Rice (WR, Minnesota) and Vincent Jackson (WR, San Diego – or somewhere else?) – Round 8 and 12, Pick 2 – The Mariachis: Sorry El, I know this is your first year, call this a hazing.  Sidney Rice is out November due to his recent hip surgery and Vincent Jackson is holding out, and may not play until Week 10 unless he signs with another team.  Bottom line: Find out the latest news before the draft.

I intentionally left my picks out of the list, but I feel like I nailed it on C.J. Spiller in Round 7 and totally swung and missed on Jay Cutler in Round 9.  All in all, a great draft.  Everyone’s team looks better because it was a 10-team league and not a 12-team league, but its the preseason and we’re all undefeated now.  Only the season will tell how these guys will really perform, but based on your preseason reads, who do you think the real winner and loser was in the draft?

  • Aaron “Jitterbug” Wise

    I always catch shit for picking D’s early in the draft, but my reasoning is that a well rounded D is going to be dependable even with some serious injuries. A benched RB or WR are only going to net you points once in a year, and there’s always a good chance they get injured. However, I probably jumped the gun by one round – I needed to fill out my WR roster before going D, but we’ll see how it works out. We’ll have to agree to disagree about the value of San Francisco’s D. I think they’re going to put up sweet numbers this year. Or at least I HOPE they do!!

  • Aaron “Jitterbug” Wise

    Great round up of the Draft btw!

  • El Mariachi

    Well. I’m fucked from the start. YAY!

  • Cameron

    Daniels is a solid pick man people forget how good he was before his knee injury and he has one hell of a QB throwing to him. Anyway how does my pick of Clinton Portis in the bottom of the 8th not get me a spot on the cool list?

  • ColbyTS

    Man Farva buddy I promise you Shonne Green will pan out and I grabbed him cause MJD sucks balls (in my opinion, he has good games but more bad) but believe you me with LT giving him breaks this man will be a touchdown machine

  • Dave “Fisherman” Fisher

    @CamDog It was either Portis in the 8th or Foster in the 11th for the list. Portis could be very good for you, Shanahan certainly knows how to use him, but he’s also got Larry Johnson and Willie Parker on that squad fighting for carries.

    @ColbyTS I think you might have it twisted, man. LT will be the one getting the touchdowns this season. Shonn Greene is a shifter and a juker, LT is going to serve as the Jets’ battering ram.

  • ColbyTS

    LT aint no batter ram bro, LT is the 1st and 10 guy and while I will admit that he will have a solid year and some really good runs, I still think Shonne will be the featured back with more carries and a heavier work load. Like the Pierre Thomas to the Reggie Bush

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