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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | August 4, 2020

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E3 2014: Ubisoft Press Conference Live Blog

E3 2014: Ubisoft Press Conference Live Blog

Assassin’s Creed: UnityFar Cry 4 and…a new IP? Ubisoft are an E3 wildcard, and it’s time to see what they’ve got. Follow along with our up-to-the-minute coverage of Ubisoft’s E3 press conference right here.

Ubisoft will have a nice mix of sequels and total wildcards for their E3 conference: we’re excited to see what’s in store. You’ve read our predictions, and now it’s time for the real thing. We’ll be covering their press conference live right here on Talkingship. Watch the live stream here, and follow along with our commentary below.

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Shaxster June 9, 20145:08 pm

Well, that’s Ubisoft done. Thanks for joining us: we’ll be back in 2 hours with Sony, which you can follow along with over here Thanks!

Shaxster June 9, 20145:03 pm

Yup, loved that. Nice one, Ubisoft.

Antony June 9, 20145:01 pm

Ubisoft just kicked some serious ass.

Fisherman June 9, 20145:01 pm

Welcome to the era of small-team multiplayer. Destiny, Rainbow Six, Evolve and The Division.

Shaxster June 9, 20145:00 pm

And that’s Ubisoft done! That was a great, tight conference.

Antony June 9, 20145:00 pm

And there we go. Rainbow Six. Ubisoft has shown a massive hand here in the battle for multiplayer shooter supremacy. Battlefield, Call of Duty, Titanfall… Watch out.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:59 pm

Yup, Rainbow Six: Siege.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:59 pm

This is quite a long gameplay demo.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:58 pm

Yeah, this feels like Rainbow Six. Or a new IP.

Antony June 9, 20144:57 pm

This has to be Rainbow Six. Too un-ghosty to be Ghost Recon, surely?

Fisherman June 9, 20144:57 pm

This is really gonna hit these poor folks’ resale value.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:57 pm

This looks a little standard FPS, but still fun.

Antony June 9, 20144:56 pm

I’m liking the destructible scenery.

Antony June 9, 20144:55 pm

But Rainbow Six might have the same diamonds, never really played it.

Antony June 9, 20144:55 pm

It’s Ghost Recon I think, I recognise those diamonds.

Fisherman June 9, 20144:54 pm

Quite literally looks like the amusement park scene from the original Rainbow Six book.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:54 pm

FPS multiplayer. A CoD/Battlefield competitor, clearly.

Antony June 9, 20144:54 pm

Looks like Rainbow Six.

Antony June 9, 20144:53 pm

It’s an online game… Rainbow Six? GRAW?

Shaxster June 9, 20144:53 pm


Shaxster June 9, 20144:53 pm

One more game…

Antony June 9, 20144:53 pm

Beyond Good and Evil 2, please?

Antony June 9, 20144:53 pm

I love you too, Yves.

Fisherman June 9, 20144:52 pm

I can field that one. She looked weird in Watch Dogs.

Antony June 9, 20144:51 pm

It’s on Xbox 360! Getting that for sure. Assuming it’s a downloadable title.

Fisherman June 9, 20144:51 pm

Whoa, did that say June 25, 2014?

Fisherman June 9, 20144:51 pm

Oh good the dog doesn’t die. Just everyone else on planet Earth.

Antony June 9, 20144:51 pm

I’m terrified for this game. I must play it, but it’s going to destroy me. I can feel it already.

Antony June 9, 20144:50 pm

This game is going to be beautiful and emotional and everything in between

Fisherman June 9, 20144:50 pm

This looks great, man.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:50 pm

This is Valiant Hearts, the touching game about WW1 that Ubi have put together. Looks very poignant.

Antony June 9, 20144:48 pm

Oh god, there’s a dog there, the dog is going to die, RIP dog

Fisherman June 9, 20144:47 pm

Eat it, frogs.

Antony June 9, 20144:47 pm

I will probably never play this game, but I would enjoy the hell out of watching other people play it.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:46 pm

They’ve told us we’ll get at least one more Far Cry announcement today, so I’m assuming that’s coming after this.

Antony June 9, 20144:46 pm

If Comet was happening I think they’d have announced it before this.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:45 pm

This is taking up a lot of time. I’m starting to question the existence of AC Comet.

Fisherman June 9, 20144:45 pm

Step 1: Buy a clown suit.
Step 2: Creepily stare at the Kinect during each of the activites.
Step 3: Find a way to upload it into everyone’s game as the starting competitor.

Antony June 9, 20144:45 pm

There’s a bit of latency, but I assume that’s between screens rather than in the game itself. Also, this is an amazing Eye of the Tiger remix.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:44 pm

I wonder if this will be a free/cheap downloadable title?

Shaxster June 9, 20144:44 pm

This is madness, in true Ubisoft style.

Fisherman June 9, 20144:43 pm

Punch a steroid??

Shaxster June 9, 20144:42 pm

Xbox One exclusive, will work with Kinect, I’m assuming. Attempting to make fitness fun and game-ifying it, Wii Fit style.

Fisherman June 9, 20144:42 pm

Is there a workout I can do to grow a beard like that?

Antony June 9, 20144:42 pm

I wonder if they’re going to trade the approach of multiple, condensed cities in favour of one full scale render of Paris. Sounds like it so far.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:41 pm

A new fitness game aimed at gamers: Shape Up.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:40 pm

Wonderfully, assassinations are back. They were underused in Black Flag. Welcome, Fish!

Fisherman June 9, 20144:40 pm

Also, hello.

Fisherman June 9, 20144:40 pm

Those POIs were there in Black Flag, Antony, only when you were on a high point. I do see there’s no minimap but I would guess there’s still a formal map.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:40 pm

Didn’t notice that. Yeah, the UI has undergone a big overhaul. Much more simplified.

Antony June 9, 20144:39 pm

The map has been dropped in favour of POIs in the game world itself. It’s certainly an interesting change. Not sure if it’s for the better or worse.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:39 pm

Stealth is a lot easier now that so many people are around, it seems.

Antony June 9, 20144:35 pm

Jesus Christ. And this isn’t like the crowds in Blacklist that you weren’t able to walk through. These are interactive massives of people in their hundreds. Blimey.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:35 pm

Ooh, murder mystery sidequests. Nice.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:34 pm

Easily a thousand plus.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:34 pm

Ok, there are a RIDICULOUS number of people on screen.

Antony June 9, 20144:33 pm

I get the feeling that, knowing Ubisoft’s occasional server issues, the dropping in and out of online multiplayer could be GTA Online launch levels of frustrating.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:33 pm

Gameplay time.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:32 pm

New character is called Arnaut. He’s French. Obviously.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:32 pm

And the new four-player coop, of course. I am so hyped for this. October 28th!

Shaxster June 9, 20144:31 pm

Nice mix of stealth and full-on combat here.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:31 pm

The French Revolution is a perfect fit for this series. Gritty, dark, and a beautiful setting. Hope we get more than just Paris though.

Antony June 9, 20144:31 pm

And of course Assassin’s Creed retains its crown as king of perfect music choices.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:30 pm

The thing that really amazes me about Unity is the number of people in crowds. We’re talking hundreds on screen at a time. Astounding.

Antony June 9, 20144:30 pm

It’s a pretty damn good time to be a gamer.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:29 pm

Oh god help me this is gorgeous.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:28 pm

Assassin’s Creed time baby! Unity is up first.

Antony June 9, 20144:28 pm

She called him out on the beta pronunciation as I was typing it myself, marvelous.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:27 pm

This game has seamless multiplayer…and a closed beta starts at the end of July. Apply online: this looks like a very interesting driving game. And it’s dated for November 11 on current-gen (X1 and PS4) and PC.

Antony June 9, 20144:27 pm

I’ve wanted a new Smuggler’s Run game for years but I will happily trade that desire for The Crew right now.

Antony June 9, 20144:24 pm

Is there a single company out there better at trailers than Ubisoft?

Antony June 9, 20144:23 pm

I’m excited for the Crew. I’m more excited for the Europe DLC that they just have to do eventually.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:22 pm

This game is also very pretty. Ubi are good at graphics. And music choices.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:21 pm

I hear engines…time for The Crew.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:21 pm

God, this looks like a game to watch out for. Dated for 2015.

Antony June 9, 20144:21 pm

This is so different from any game the Tom Clancy name has ever been attached to and it sucks how Tom Clancy himself will never see it.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:20 pm

The music…the This is gonna be rough to play – The Last of Us levels of sadness.

Antony June 9, 20144:19 pm

I haven’t felt this uncomfortable watching a trailer since the Dead Island reveal.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:19 pm

This is very, very gritty. Oppressively so, in fact.

Antony June 9, 20144:17 pm

We got a brief look at this during Microsoft’s presser, hopefully a look at the campaign now please?

Shaxster June 9, 20144:17 pm

This guy is taking The Division very, very seriously. Chill out, dude. Your eyes are terrifying.

Antony June 9, 20144:16 pm

I like Aisha Tyler 2.0 a lot. And here’s the Division!

Shaxster June 9, 20144:15 pm
Shaxster June 9, 20144:13 pm


Shaxster June 9, 20144:13 pm

So your phone can now join the game and the accelerometer in your phone is the controller. Clever.

Antony June 9, 20144:12 pm

We’re almost a quarter of the way through this conference.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:11 pm

And you know what, Antony? The world will be a better place for it.

Antony June 9, 20144:11 pm

This song is going to be blaring out for the entirity of this year’s Eurogamer Expo.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:10 pm

Nothing revolutionary here, unsurprisingly. But dancing!

Shaxster June 9, 20144:10 pm

Look out for videos of me playing Just Dance and Dance Central at Eurogamer in September…because I don’t embarrass myself enough as it is.

Antony June 9, 20144:09 pm

Hey Shaxster, this franchise belongs to you!

Antony June 9, 20144:09 pm

As long as they don’t bring out Tobuscus I’m fine. Aisha’s actually doing quite well. Sounds like we’re going into Just Dance now though!

Shaxster June 9, 20144:09 pm

Dancing games are *MY JAM*

Shaxster June 9, 20144:09 pm


Antony June 9, 20144:08 pm

Did she take public speaking classes in the last twelve months?

Shaxster June 9, 20144:08 pm

This is the only conference with a decent host. Adds a lot of upbeat energy.

Antony June 9, 20144:07 pm

Oh god it’s Aisha Tyler everyone run for the hills

Antony June 9, 20144:06 pm

I have no bloody clue where that storyline is going. Crowd’s pumped though.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:06 pm

Still though, game looks GREAT. Sadistic, insane and terrifying. Exactly what I want from Far Cry.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:05 pm

Rumours of a Tibetan protagonist seem to be wrong: this guy’s white American.

Antony June 9, 20144:05 pm

This is a pretty gritty start. Oh, and a selfie. Grand.

Antony June 9, 20144:04 pm

Ah, a villain who gives his own people a good kicking when they mess up. Refreshing.

Shaxster June 9, 20144:03 pm

Oh look, a new terrifying villain. Gives Vaas a run for his money…

Shaxster June 9, 20144:02 pm

Set in the fictional Himalayan town of Kyrat: Chinese occupied territory, it seems.

Antony June 9, 20144:02 pm

Yep, Far Cry trailers have a history of pushing the boundaries of what we expect at the time from graphical quality, but the bar’s been set pretty high already…

Shaxster June 9, 20144:01 pm

Kicking off with a Far Cry trailer in beautiful, beautiful next-gen graphics.

Antony June 9, 20144:00 pm

Please, please, please let the host not be terrible. Please.


Antony June 9, 20144:00 pm

We’re getting ready for more footage of The Division and AC: Unity after Microsoft’s presser earlier, with Far Cry and more sniffing around. We’re going live now, party on!

Antony June 9, 20143:59 pm

We’re gearing up for Ubisoft’s presser, with a whole heap of headlines still to be made. Shaxster will be checking in and we’ll have a stream embed up soon too, so stay tuned!