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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | August 12, 2020

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E3 2014: EA Press Conference Live Blog

E3 2014: EA Press Conference Live Blog

Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge and Star Wars…what will EA unveil at E3? Follow along with our up-to-the-minute coverage of EA’s E3 press conference.

It looks like EA have a whole bunch of exciting sequels and new IPs to share with us at E3. You’ve read our predictions, and now it’s time for the real thing. We’ll be covering their press conference live right here on Talkingship.

Watch along with the live stream here and read our live blog commentary below.
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Shaxster June 9, 20142:05 pm

Very same-y, not much new. Anyway, thanks for joining us: we’ll be back with Ubisoft in two hours time. Check in over here for that. See ya!

E3 2014: Ubisoft Press Conference Live Blog

Fisherman June 9, 20141:57 pm

But you had to know that going in.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:57 pm

Yeah, it was okay. I mean, you had to be into the sports games to enjoy the EA conference.

Antony June 9, 20141:56 pm

Apparently not. Well, solid end. Not a bad second-tier conference in my opinion. We were always gonna feel a little bit deflated by anything less than incredible after last year, but I think this was alright.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:56 pm

That conference bombed. Wasn’t just me, right?

Shaxster June 9, 20141:56 pm

Right…I think that’s it for EA. Well, that was bad.

Antony June 9, 20141:55 pm

One more game, maybe?

Fisherman June 9, 20141:55 pm

Excuse me I just stepped away to frantically sign up for the beta.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:55 pm

If you already have Battlefield 4 on PS4, you get access to the beta straight away. If not…sign up here:

Antony June 9, 20141:54 pm

Get shit on, Xbox.

Antony June 9, 20141:54 pm

And the beta’s coming today! Cue the screaming reps!

Shaxster June 9, 20141:54 pm

Beta launches today. How exciting.

Antony June 9, 20141:53 pm

I am impressed with Battlefield: Hardline.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:53 pm

Hahaha … The police are causing many millions more in damage than the theives are trying to get away with. Classic 80s action flick protocol.

Antony June 9, 20141:52 pm

More melee weapons than before, it seems. Wonder if you’ll be able to pick up stuff that’s just lying around.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:52 pm

Who’s this rogue cop running around with a sawed-off and a Louisville Slugger?

Fisherman June 9, 20141:51 pm

Yep, just another mode. The difference between yearly multiplayer shooter releases and yearly sports franchise releases is more minute than some would like to admit.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:51 pm


Shaxster June 9, 20141:50 pm

To be honest, the cops vs robbers stuff just looks like window dressing. This is still a normal Battlefield game.

Antony June 9, 20141:49 pm

Your Battlefield squad will never work together this well.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:49 pm

Counterstrike-style loadout selections in this one?

Fisherman June 9, 20141:49 pm

Noted popup in the bottom right corner of the HUD – ‘Cash to spend, $20,XXX.’

Shaxster June 9, 20141:47 pm

It’s got all the explosions you’d want from a Battlefield game. And destruction and stuff. Not Bad Company levels, though.

Antony June 9, 20141:47 pm

This is an all-new mode. A mode other games have been doing for decades, but… you know, it’s new to Battlefield.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:46 pm

32 player heists, however…sign me up.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:46 pm

Campaign is more like a TV drama. I doubt that.

Antony June 9, 20141:46 pm

What even are Battlefield’s core values at this stage? Guns and explosions?

Fisherman June 9, 20141:46 pm

Oh they mentioned BF4. I’m surprised the stream didn’t break.

Antony June 9, 20141:45 pm

That’s your cue to wake up, non-fans of sports.

Antony June 9, 20141:44 pm

And here are Visceral! Hardline time! Yay!

Shaxster June 9, 20141:44 pm

Not only is “it” in the game, but you will also “feel the game”. Anyway, Battlefield time.

Antony June 9, 20141:44 pm

If all this means there’ll be a less formulaic and mechanical season mode, I’m all for it.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:42 pm

They’re kind of victims of their own success: FIFA 14 could have been considered the best next-gen launch title on either console. FIFA 15 just seems unnecessary.

Antony June 9, 20141:41 pm

This is likely to be the only EA Sports title I’ll buy any time soon.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:41 pm

Eh, doesn’t look different enough from FIFA 14.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:40 pm

Nah, mate: your football players don’t have emotional intelligence. Even real football players don’t have emotional intelligence. Or any intelligence, for that matter.

Antony June 9, 20141:40 pm

sports sports sports we’re back to sports

Fisherman June 9, 20141:39 pm

You do it for a reason (I don’t know that reason).

Shaxster June 9, 20141:39 pm

EA are woefully underprepared for this E3 conference. Game looks great, but they’re not showing much off. Underwhelming.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:38 pm

Did you ask the parkour artists about how to disarm someone with a gun? Because you definitely shouldn’t take that advice this time.

Antony June 9, 20141:38 pm

Ah, a dev diary. A polite way of saying “this game is taking longer to put together than expected! Pay no attention to the lack of focus on gameplay!”

Fisherman June 9, 20141:37 pm

Give me this game and an Oculus Rift. And watch me widdle away into nothingness.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:37 pm

Ugh, it’s another dev diary. Show me gameplay….

Shaxster June 9, 20141:37 pm

That was the most filler section ever. Now…Mirror’s Edge 2!

Antony June 9, 20141:36 pm

Mirror’s Edge time!

Shaxster June 9, 20141:36 pm

Also, I hate Andrew Wilson’s suit. Don’t like that at all.

Antony June 9, 20141:36 pm

Those screams are definitely coming from an EA rep.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:35 pm

These audience screams are horribly fake.

Antony June 9, 20141:35 pm

This is like when Ubisoft showed Mighty Quest For Epic Loot last year. I don’t get why its taking up time, unless they’re worried about how the player figures are looking.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:34 pm

Haha … nice, dude.

Antony June 9, 20141:34 pm

This is Dawngate, a game… already in open beta. Why are they showing this?

Shaxster June 9, 20141:34 pm

Woops I know what I’m talking about #projourno

Antony June 9, 20141:33 pm

No, Shax. MOBA.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:33 pm

A MOBA! Apparently this already exists! Oh!

Shaxster June 9, 20141:33 pm

Mobile games!

Fisherman June 9, 20141:33 pm

And when you’re controlling one player out of 22 on a field, AI is kind of important.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:32 pm

They add these bullshit gimmicks every year, but don’t fix the commentary, framerate and AI.

Antony June 9, 20141:32 pm

Nice to know that the Madden team aren’t slipping into the “rinse and repeat” mentality of many EA Sports groups. Or that’s how it seems, at least.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:32 pm

Madden is the most year-to-year disappointing sports game out there, clearly because of a distinct lack of competition.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:31 pm

Backbreaker or the latter NFL Blitz games. Those were awesome, but died on the vine because they didn’t have the NFL license. And there’s no way the NFL would let EA do that.

Antony June 9, 20141:31 pm

What was the American football game where it would zoom in on injuries your players got? That was cool, make Madden do that.

Antony June 9, 20141:30 pm

“You sunk my battleship.”

“I know, I put a hole in one.”

Haha. Ha. Haha.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:29 pm

Wonderful, you can hit over a battleship. Take my $60.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:29 pm

Battleships. Golf on battleships. What.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:29 pm

“Golf without limits”. Hahahaha. Hahahahahaha.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:28 pm

RE: Criterion’s new game – it’s basically just GTA V without all the nonsense criminal stuff. Which is good enough for me, yeah.

Antony June 9, 20141:28 pm

Frostbite 3… in a golf game. …Okay?

Antony June 9, 20141:28 pm

Hey, sports!

Shaxster June 9, 20141:28 pm

right back to sports in case you wanted more sports

Antony June 9, 20141:28 pm

This is pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha. And if there was a title, I missed it because I was typing this. But I’m hyped.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:28 pm

Looks like it’s brimming with potential, though. If they get seamless transition between vehicle types in a multiplayer open world, it could be a lot of fun with friends.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:27 pm

Hahahaha this is basically just VEHICLES: THE VIDEO GAME. Helis, boats, planes, jet skis, sky diving….

Antony June 9, 20141:27 pm

It’s a new IP. And it’s going airbound, seabound, everywhere. Big.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:26 pm

Being warned that this is a very early build. Seems like everything is very very early in development here.

Antony June 9, 20141:26 pm

Please be Burnout, please don’t be Need For Speed. But it IS Criterion.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:26 pm

Criterion’s new title. Burnout. Burnout burnout burnout.

Antony June 9, 20141:25 pm

Driving game coming up, it seems.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:25 pm

Either Need for Speed or Burnout now.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:24 pm

This is what a next-gen crowd should look like. This, and MLB The Show’s.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:23 pm

Golf. Is golf a sport?

Antony June 9, 20141:23 pm

Apart from skateboarding. If that’s a sport. It isn’t.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:22 pm

This is the one I’ve been waiting for, as the only sports game that has yet to be released on next-gen.

Antony June 9, 20141:22 pm

sports sports stickpuck sports

Fisherman June 9, 20141:22 pm

WOO Hockey Time!

Antony June 9, 20141:21 pm

(Disclaimer: it isn’t)

Antony June 9, 20141:21 pm

How many Twitter smartarses are joking about how gay this is right now?

Fisherman June 9, 20141:21 pm

Bruce Lee actually makes a lot of context in an MMA competition. His martial arts style defined a lot of what’s considered ‘modern’ MMA.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:21 pm

I’d expect better crowd detail than this for a next-gen sports game.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:20 pm

Pfft, you’re wrong about that. Looking forward to whatever they show for FIFA 15.

Antony June 9, 20141:20 pm

No Brock Lesnar, no buy from me I’m afraid.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:20 pm

Yeah, we’re British so we don’t do sports except for soccer, which is for pansies am i right

Fisherman June 9, 20141:20 pm

Yes indeed, Antony. This year.

Antony June 9, 20141:19 pm

Bruce Lee is in a UFC game?

Fisherman June 9, 20141:19 pm

FYI fellas, I’m here because I’m the site’s sports games correspondent. Representing.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:19 pm

sports sports sports punchfighting sports

Antony June 9, 20141:19 pm

sports sports sports sports sports sports sports

Antony June 9, 20141:19 pm

This is a game that is bound to go down well with fans of the Sims. None of whom are watching this, as they’re probably all playing the Sims.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:19 pm

Still no date on The Sims 4.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:18 pm

Yes! Bruce Lee UFC.

Antony June 9, 20141:18 pm

What would a Sims party be without a line of balloons leading from the fireplace and surrounding all the guests?

Shaxster June 9, 20141:18 pm

“Our AI is slightly less terrible than last time! BUY OUR GAME”

Antony June 9, 20141:17 pm

Sim-sharing, lovely. Bet you that EA will upload “perfect” Sims that you can buy for the low low price of $5.49 each.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:17 pm

That will liven it up.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:17 pm

Release a live python at the party.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:17 pm

Look, all the worst people are in one room! QUICK: DESTROY IT.

Antony June 9, 20141:16 pm

Chuck’s a fucking douche.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:16 pm

My bigger friend Jeff made a dent in the drywall when he was fired at it.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:15 pm

It was in my parents’ basement. We all got drunk and took turns “riding” the treadmill at max speed.

Antony June 9, 20141:15 pm

Pfft, you don’t judge an EA book by the Sims on the cover. You judge it by its latency issues and PR disasters, sure, but not by the Sims.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:15 pm

I did something like that with a treadmill once.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:15 pm

Does anyone trust Maxis after SimCity? I sure don’t.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:14 pm

I am doing a Statistics paper whilst live blogging this, and lemme tell you, right now that paper is more interesting than this conference.

Antony June 9, 20141:14 pm

Was that screaming piped in? I get the feeling there’s EA reps in the front row.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:14 pm

Ugh The Sims. You don’t follow Bioware with The Sims.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:14 pm

Wow, that ravenous scream from the audience about The Sims.

Antony June 9, 20141:14 pm

Yeah, that was a teaser. Oh god, that screaming for The Sims.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:13 pm

New IP though. That’s cool.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:13 pm

Was that dev diary all we’re seeing of Mass Effect, as well? Seems like they’re not ready to show off the games properly yet.

Antony June 9, 20141:13 pm

Interesting that they say fans will be surprised by the new game. Not impressed, just surprised. Are they expecting it to be divisive?

Fisherman June 9, 20141:13 pm

All hands on deck, boss.

Shaxster June 9, 20141:13 pm

Yay, Fish is here. That makes three of us here to cover new Bioware Game VII: Same Bioware Game You’ve Seen Before A Million Times.

Antony June 9, 20141:12 pm

Not much of Star Wars was shown. More a dev diary than anything, really.

Fisherman June 9, 20141:12 pm

Er, fella.

Antony June 9, 20141:12 pm

So yeah, Mass Effect. Hi, Fish!

Shaxster June 9, 20141:12 pm

Righto, I’m here. Sounds like I missed Star Wars. Was it good?

Antony June 9, 20141:12 pm


Fisherman June 9, 20141:12 pm

Guess who’s here, fellas?

Antony June 9, 20141:11 pm

I like the squad-based mechanic they’re bringing in here. Not exactly expecting Left 4 Dead-style team play though… perhaps something closer to the Goblet of Fire video game?

Antony June 9, 20141:10 pm

I want to say how pretty this game looks. But I feel like after some of the other games we’ve seen already today it’s far closer to average than it would have been twelve months ago.

Antony June 9, 20141:07 pm

“All the feels.” He just said “all the feels”. Is this an Ubisoft conference?

Antony June 9, 20141:06 pm

I get the feeling that your emotional experience in this game will vary drastically if you can’t afford live string musicians to play in your living room.

Antony June 9, 20141:05 pm

Our next game up is Dragon Age: Inquisition, before two new Bioware games. Will Mass Effect be one of them?

…Yes. Yes it will.

Antony June 9, 20141:04 pm

Concept visuals and raw prototypes for the “next few years” of Electronic Arts games. Would expect nothing less, really.

Antony June 9, 20141:03 pm

A dozen new experiences. Count them off, people.

Antony June 9, 20141:03 pm

Spring 2015 being targeted as a launch date for the most beautiful Star Wars title ever.

Antony June 9, 20141:02 pm

DICE has clearly poured their heart and soul into this game. Potential to be the best Star Wars game since… well, since the last Battlefront.

Antony June 9, 20141:01 pm

Looks like EA is opening with Star Wars: Battlefront. Big guns shoot first, and all.

Antony June 9, 20141:00 pm

We got spoilt by EA last year, not sure whether to expect more of the same or not. My hopes are unsure of whether to be up or down.

Antony June 9, 201412:59 pm

A minute or so to game time, assuming everything’s running smoothly. Shaxster may or may not be joining me for this one. Let’s see what EA can pull out.