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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | October 20, 2020

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New Watch_Dogs Trailer Shows off Seamless Multiplayer

How do you feel about seamlessly merging from a single player campaign into a multiplayer competition? If the answer to that is “hell yeah!”, Ubisoft have just the thing for you.

This new trailer for Watch_Dogs shows off the multiplayer features of the game, showcasing three different modes. Firstly, there’s the ability for other players to enter your world and start hacking your game, whilst you try and track them down and distinguish them from the NPCs. There’s also asymmetric multiplayer, where one player is on their phone or tablet, using the Watch_Dogs app. They control a helicopter and can hack the world around you whilst you have to complete a challenge, such as a race. Finally, there’s the traditional multiplayer match: a Search and Destroy type affair. Check out the trailer above, and get excited for when the game launches at the end of May.