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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | May 23, 2018

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PREVIEW: The GlomTom

PREVIEW: The GlomTom

It’s a bold statement for any company to make that they will fundamentally change how you play video games. Yet that is just what gamer Clif Chambliss AKA @8bitBass is claiming with his company’s new product: The GlomTom. Some may know Clif as his podcasting and blogging handle 8bitBass from over the years. He developed the GlomTom as a passion and dream to bring a revolutionary new product to his gamer peers from around the world.

Most of us Shipheads don’t give much thought regarding where our hands rest when we play video games. We sit back, kick our feet up, making sure our controllers are charged and that we have a cool beverage at the ready. Our hands either sit in our laps, or are held up while we play. Personally, sometimes I reach my hands over my head and rest them on the back of the couch, like Zach Wilde performing an ear-splitting guitar solo to a packed house RIGHT HERE in Chatanoo… wait, where was I?

Anyway, we do this hokey pokey because there isn’t a great place to rest our hands. Everything else about our gaming environment is curated to perfection. Why shouldn’t we make sure our hands, the instruments of our craft, are as comfortable as the rest of our bodies while gaming? Enter the GlomTom.

The GlomTom is a bolster made of premium fabrics and foam that elevates your arms, hands and game controller to an optimal position. According to Chambliss, this results in a superior level of gaming comfort. Think of it like a recliner for your arms. As he explains: “The GlomTom allows increased blood flow from your arms to your core which in turn relaxes your mind, helps your body heal, and reduces stress and tension on your shoulders and neck.” Chambliss is clear on the bottom line: “Once you try the GlomTom, gaming without it will simply not feel as good as it should.”

Mobile and handheld gamers should pay attention, too – The GlomTom keeps your device in an optimal position for playing and viewing. As anyone with a 3DS can attest, holding your device stable is crucial for a glasses-less 3D experience. Also, as second-screen experiences with next-gen consoles become more and more prevalent, having your mobile device or tablet close at hand will continue to enhance your gaming experience. Where better to keep that tablet than the GlomTom’s open pocket?

Glomtom is gearing up for their Kickstarter in May. Their website is set up so that early adopters can be emailed once the Kickstarter campaign launches in order to be the first to preorder it. Additionally, Glomtom is running a contest for those who sign up and bring in others via social media, and they will award the top 5 ambassadors with their own Glomtom for free!

Please visit for more details on the GlomTom and look for an official review when this bad boy releases into the wild from Talkingship!

Disclosure: the writer of this article is a friend of the product developer, but this has affected neither this article, nor the forthcoming review.