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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | April 4, 2020

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Farva’s New Friends

The zombie is not the craziest thing in this photo.

As discussed on the podcast, I thought I’d share a couple of images of the prank we played on Farva at PAX involving some characters from Plants vs. Zombies. Let’s just say they weren’t the plants. They were these guys to the left!

The minute we saw them, Nerves and I knew what had to be done. We approached the zombies with the idea of accosting Farva, who is, as any avid ship listener knows, deathly afraid of zombies. Nerves couldn’t even get the question out before the female zombie was rounding up the troops. What ensued was hilarity at Farva’s expense.

Check out the pictures below to see how our Friday Farva torture went.

Farva and Zombie

He has an uneasy smile that says: "Get your fucking hand off me."

The money shot. Farva at his most uncomfortable.

  • Chubbalupigous

    Farva has a very firm ass.

  • Fisherman

    I would be concerned if you weren’t attracted to Farva’s ass.

  • nerves

    That’s his face, be nice

  • Jitterbug

    Farva’s pretty used to gangs of moaning men around him, but that lone female voice must have been what unnerved him.

  • Brian Bonnett

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