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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | March 31, 2020

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New Crewbie

Well here I am. After a long tiring swim from the rainy shores of England I have finally made it to Talkingship’s fleet. I may be tired, wet and deprived of any action. I feel I need to introduce to my fellow shipmates. I’m a youngster compared to the majority of you, oldies. As before I made the rather long swim I celebrated my 15th birthday.

Before that tremendous day I was an avid PC Gamer and loved Counter-Strike to Batman. But on my Birthday I received a large parcel which contain a black Xbox 360 (250 GB) and Kinect, along with Kinect adventures and Forza 3. I would love to game with you when the ships internet is working. My gamertag is the very original Zxpppy. So after Kinecting with myself in many ways and blasting around Silverstone I then received Just Cause 2. Which provided me with enough Parachuting, Grapple Hooking and Flying for a good couple of months. Then I picked up Lego Indiana Jones 2 for a measly three British pounds off a friend at school. Lastly I bought Fifa 11 for the online goodness and to battle my friends. But I’m no newbie to online community.

I have been an activish member on Sarcastic Gamer forums and I used to write for a now non-existent website, Gamejacker. But after many messages in a bottle and carrier Pigeons later Farva kindly gave in and accepted me onto the rather cozy yet creepy Talkingship. I aim to write every Friday about gaming mostly or anything that feels topical and interesting. So to begin with I will give my verdict on Microsoft’s Kinect.

To begin with I have to say before you begin to think about purchasing Kinect. Check if you have enough space. We don’t need any players ending up imbedded in their ceiling. Once you have enough space then you must ask yourself, do you have friend or any family. As so far Kinect is an amazing experience but only comes alive when more then a couple human beings are laughing at your dodgy dancing. Kinecting on your own for extended periods of time can be tiring and great to burn off those New Years pounds. But also once you have played the game so many times it becomes repetitive and boring. But once some ‘brick and mortar’ friends arrive it becomes a whale of a time. I’m sure the ship will love my Kinect I managed to swim over with as long as none of the larger members of the crew don’t get involved. Wooden panels aren’t the strongest stuff in the world. So if you have answered yes to the earlier questions I would definitely buy Kinect if you have the spare dosh.

So thanks for putting up and reading my first article and as an incentive to add me on Xbox live I will pick one of the people who sends me a friend request an code for US only app store. The code will give you a copy of EA sports MMA. Looks like a great game and I hope the winner enjoys it. So for this week fellow shipheads.

Zxpppy out.

  • Cameron

    Nice to have you aboard Zxpppy I look forward to your stuff.

  • Dave “Fisherman” Fisher

    Welcome on board the ship man!

  • Nerves

    Well young Zxpppy. Wait, wait A REVELATION! You are part of the crew now and shall now be dubbed with your TS name. I hereby decree your new Llamo is… LIL SHXPPPY. Welcome aboard lil shippy! I can’t wait to see what you bring to our crappy vessel. Just think in 3 years time you can graduate to a new name like Kiddie Pool did last year!