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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | April 2, 2020

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5 songs that sound perfect when you need to get somewhere.

5. Bon Iver- Babys.

Best when  listened in – The middle of the woods, or your local park, next to the kids throwing sticks at each other.

4. Gorillaz – Hong Kong

Best when listened in- Your local Chinatown. Or that Chinese restaurant you know full of porcelain cats that wave at you.

(I put in the live version because there is no official video, and most of the fan videos are pretty boring)

3.Pixes – Where is my mind

(Because at the times the only destination you need to  reach is closer than what you think.)

Best when listened in- An empty building watching all the other building around you explode while questioning your existence and your survival as you shot yourself in the throat holding hands with Helena Bonham Carter.

2. The Beatles – Ticket to Ride

(What, you tought I was going to do a list without any Beatles song? Pweease!)

Best listened when – Sitting at the airport lounge hearing that your flight has been delayed due to heavy rain in your destination while looking at your significant other bitching and moaning to the girl at the desk pointing at the clock. Or while waiting for the bus.

1. Train Kept Rolling-Supposedly Aerosmith, but it has been covered like a gazillion times so who knows.

Best when listened in – …a train. Duh.

How come Trains don’t get any love anymore?


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    i personally think gucci mane – lemonade would be an enjoyable accompany ment on a trip


    ticket to ride drains it. heard it many a time in the car on along trip… makes me want to open the doors and jump. its a tad to slow and drags on. i need something that keeps me awake when i drive

  • chad

    i can understand etheral sort of sounding stuff, but not so much “folk”. something with a progressive beat (not house). crookers thunderstruck is awesome to drive to