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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | April 2, 2020

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My five favorite Tv on the Radio songs.

Hello,  First of all. How are you? Missed me? I did. Your side of the bed was really cold.

This week I am putting a spotlist on perhaps my second favorite band (after The Beatles), which is Tv on The Radio.

So follow me, after the jump, there is cookies and shit.

5. Wolf like me.

From Return to Cookie Mountain

This is the first song I always play when introducing someone to Tv on the Radio. It has all the essentials of the band. There is some crazy beats, some synths, a guitar, and the really bizarre lyrics. It has a punch, it is catchy and playing it on Guitar Hero 5 will make your fingers hurt. (Perhaps the fact that Rock Band has fully ignored this band is the reason I have refused to buy Rock band 3)

4. Stork & Owl

From Dear Science

(This is the official teaser, you can find the song about anywhere, just really digged the artwork)

A song that for some could start a social revolution. For some others (like me) It’s just a refelction of life and love. If I;m playing this, please, leave me alone.


3.Things you can do

From Return to cookie Mountain

It is actual the Bonus track of the LP, apart from an EL-P remix. It is simple, elegant, and incredible.

2. Say You Do

From Ok, Calculator

Early TV on the radio, pretty experimental.  Really raw, awesome dominant beat. And also the lyrics.

“Full capacity mind wake suck sainity I fake,
Not much more that I can take before I start to bend a break.
Burn the indian sky the sea, I blot out every memory,
And then I solemn vow I swear, I’ll never ever ever fall again.

But I never met a girl like you,
Someone to keep my black heart blue.
And I’ll always stay a little bit me,
The portrait of complicity…”

Holy shit…

1. Staring at the Sun

There is a gazillion of versions of this one, but my favorite is the one in the Young Liars LP, it has a different intro to the song, which I prefer.

This is the song I mostly use when I feel lost. It gives me that feeling that I am not alone, and that everything can be solved.

Well, thanks for reading, and happy listening!