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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | August 4, 2020

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TSAMovies # 9 – Top 5 Music Documentaries

Random image # 1029 - Don't ask me why this is here, it just made me laugh.

The Comish joins Nerves today in Jitterbug’s stead to cheat a little.
Normally he is my companion in musical talks. Well he is today as well. We are going to talk about our top 5 music documentaries.
So strap on your ear-goggles and enjoy the show!

You can download the show on iTunes – motherfucker.

You can download the show on Zune – cocksmokingturdburgler

You can get it over someplace on Libsyn too … dickpeddler

Maybe you could even send us fifty bucks and we’ll mail it to you on a cd with a picture of Nerves tasting marble cake for the first time!… dildofanatic!

You could get the direct link HERE!

Or maybe you don’t want to fuck with all that nonsense.  Maybe you want to hear this audible-ether-jilm right NOW!  Well, masturbatorcreator, you can do just that!  Get your shit back in your pants and click this motherfucking flash player… dick.