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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | August 24, 2019

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GameLounge at PAX – Hands-On with Killzone 3

Killzone 2 was a monumentally impressive game from a graphical standpoint, and a hot-button topic for gamers in terms of how innovative the combat really was. The gun physics, bullet physics, and jumping physics were all spot-on and remarkably precise, but the controls felt a little floaty, and the camera always felt a little too low to the ground to be a really good first-person shooter perspective.  Well, Farva, UndeadDoG and I all got our hands on Killzone 3 at PAX – how does it stack up against its predecessor?

UnddeadDoG and his friend, the Helghast Soldier

Apparently these guys' eyes are firmly planted on their heads, which reside on top of their necks. Who knew.

Well, good news if you liked Killzone 2, you’re gonna love Killzone 3.  If you didn’t like Killzone 2, you will not like Killzone 3.  The combat mechanics are very similar.  I’ve recently began playing Killzone 2 again, so this isn’t the nostalgia talking, this is recent experience.  There is still a heft to your character that some would call floaty, and your first-person perspective still seems as if it resides somewhere between your hulking man-boobs.  We even saw a guy walking around in a Helghast outfit (see the picture to the right) and I said that I was surprised his head wasn’t in his stomach.  He looked at me, grunted, pointed to his head, then his balls, then back to his head.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t get the joke.

The new stuff that we saw included new mechs which seem pretty overpowered, new powers which seem underpowered, and jetpacks.  Oh, jetpacks.  The only thing wrong with the jetpacks in a first-time demo scenario was that they were somewhat complicated to get flying.  First, you had to pick it up from a rack in your base.  Then, you had to press down on the d-pad to equip it.  Then, flying was achieved by pushing L2.  Putting aside any notion of flying with these things, the guns that come attached to the jetpack are bad-ass dual-barrelled machine guns.  So even if you didn’t want to fly, you could turn yourself into a mobile turret with the pack.  May want to knock that down a few clicks before release day too, Guerrilla Games.

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All that said, this is one to keep your eye on.  Depending on the strength of the single-player campaign, it may be worth a buy or just a rental for a gamernight or two.

  • Aaron “Jitterbug” Wise

    It’s disappointing to hear they didn’t fix the floaty controls and the silly chest-view. I was never that impressed with KZ2 – I felt like it just fell short of the mark to be getting the acclaim that it did.

  • David

    Who’s that sexy bastard at the end. Whoo, I’m sure am warmed up now…