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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | October 21, 2020

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Initial Impressions: Limbo

Initial Impressions: Limbo

A beautiful nightmare?

Ok, can someone please tell me who animated this beautiful nightmare of mine? The game opens up simply enough. Press start, look at the creepy world of shadows, watch a little boy wake up alone in the woods, and start moving this demon-eyed child through a world of puzzles and danger. This game has no color, just shades of black, yet it’s strangely beautiful. I’ve found myself running back and forth through an area just to watch the shades darken or lighten depending on the direction. The puzzles start off simple enough and increase in complexity as you progress through the world.

This is a puzzle. An image in case you weren't sure.

The story is nonexistent. Why are you here? Where are you from? Where are you going? None of these are given to you as you start this game, and this is where many people will be reminded of last summer’s DLC breakout, “Braid”. Unlike Braid, I’m hoping that I get a clear idea of why I invested hours of my life into this game. I’ve not finished it yet (that’s why it’s an Initial Impression), and that excites me. I’m drawn to this child, this world, this situation absent a story. This is the first game this year that I would enter in the “Videogames as Art” conversation. I’ve only spent an hour in the game yet I feel fear, dread, wonder, amazement and beauty towards a world with no explanation. If art is meant to draw something out of you, this is art.

Initial Impression is 8/10 ships.

Written By Farva ( A man with many nightmares and one pony)

  • Fisherman

    I’m with you. Not only is this game beautiful, but it is engrossing. It’s not exactly like Braid in that I can generally figure out the puzzles in minutes, if not tens of minutes and I don’t spend much more time than that staring slack-jawed at the screen.

  • Cameron

    I agree Farva Limbo is well deserving of 8 ships, its a great game. I only wish there was at least a little bit more story but then again that could have changed how we look at the game.