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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | June 26, 2019

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A Quick Review, Valve Presents…

February 7, 2012 | 2

Love maybe too strong of a word to describe how I feel about this book but it is one of my favourites in my collection. It’s big, made of wood, stiff and takes while to sink in.Read More

A Love Song

January 13, 2012 | 4

Yes, so love songs in general are pretty bad. They’re slow, boring, soppy, only played at weddings and the ladies can’t get enough of them. So I felt I needed to do something about it.Read More

Portal: No Escape

September 5, 2011 |

There have been lots of fan-made Portal movies since its release in 2007. But it seems like this one takes the cake! Get it? Because … cake? Seriously, it’s great. The entire thing, and the ending especially, captures the feeling of … Read More

Trailerpalooza – February 2011

March 6, 2011 | 7

EDIT: Sorry for the late post, the site went down temporarily and I held off on reposting this so I wouldn’t push everyone’s articles off the front page.

Welcome to Trailerpalooza! This is a new article we’ll be putting up monthly, gathering some of the most interesting trailers of the month that was, for games that are coming down the pipe.  Let’s get into it!  Click on the logo thumbnails to view the trailers.

[rokbox title="The 3rd Birthday" thumb="" size="854 505" album="demo"][/rokbox]

First up is The Third Birthday, which is the third in the Parasite Eve series featuring protagonist Aya Brea. I'll be honest, I haven't played the sequel,but I was really impressed with the original. I've heard there's lots of masagonist pandering in this one but hey, if you've got a PSP and need to get one last hurrah out of it before the NGP launches, this may be your kind of game.  The Third Birthday is set to be released on March 29 in the USA.

Read More


January 18, 2011 |

The things you could do, the places you could go, the stuff you could steal!Read More

Talkingship Review – NVidia 3D Vision

August 29, 2010 |

At E3, Sony made the 3D capabilities of the Playstation 3 and its upcoming games a centerpiece of their presentation.  The promise of 3D is real, you can see it in movies with the spectacle that is Avatar, but most gamers haven’t really experienced it, not as Sony has touted it.  I have.  So I’m here to tell you whether the promise is real or the just a high-priced gimmick. Read More