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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | October 20, 2020

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E3 2013: Sony Press Conference Live Blog

E3 2013: Sony Press Conference Live Blog

It’s Sony’s turn to take to the stage at E3, and we’ll be here live blogging every minute of it.

We may know a lot about Sony’s PS4, but there’s a fair amount the company has yet to reveal. Hopefully we’ll be getting some answers today, at Sony’s big E3 conference: personally I’m praying for Uncharted 4 to join the PS4’s launch lineup, which should itself be strengthened at the show. We’ll be bringing you the news as it comes with our live blog: come back at the following times when the fun will kick off.

Pacific: 6.00 PM
Mountain: 7.00 PM
Central: 8.00 PM
Eastern: 9.00 PM
London: 2.00 AM (Tuesday)
Sydney: 11.00 AM (Tuesday)

Fisherman June 10, 20139:26 pm

Oh, I hope Sony brings it with the campaign-ad type mudslinging. ‘Bill Gates doesn’t think your games are YOUR games …’

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:23 pm

I expect MS to do a shit ton of advertising on the television integration, and there’s a darn good chance that they will gain some serious ground because of that. The internet will be rife with Sony fans declaring MS dead in the water, which is ridiculous. Still though, Sony won me over with their indie focus. I have preordered my PS4.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:20 pm

That’s the big three for MS. Honestly, I don’t think Sony is as far back as they may seem. I don’t think they have an answer for Titanfall, but with Destiny, they may not need one.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:19 pm

Dead Rising 3 is the other one.

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:18 pm

I was thinking Titanfall was a launch, but it’s not coming until Spring 2014.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:16 pm

FYI, both are available for pre-order on Amazon. I put one in for both, just to cancel whichever one I don’t want. Don’t wanna get left in the lurch :)

Fisherman June 10, 20139:15 pm

Ryse and Forza, but I can’t remember what else.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:14 pm

What’s in MS’s launch list?

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:13 pm

I’m seriously worried that Sony is going to have a crap launch here, and that they’re just pushing the system out asap to try and capture some of the holiday market. MS has a better launch lined up, at least as of now.

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:12 pm

I think Killzone is a launch title, but I’m not sure how much I care about that.

Antony June 10, 20139:12 pm

Yeah, it was definitely said to be Q1 2014 in the conference. Knack, Killzone and Drive Club are launch titles.

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:11 pm

If it’s a launch then that will be a big win for them, but I could’ve sworn they said 2014.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:11 pm

Well if it’s not a launch title, they’re gonna need something strong in its place, no doubt.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:11 pm

Hmm. Conflicting reports abound. Joystiq has it as a launch title.

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:10 pm

I thought they said Infamous was 2014.

Antony June 10, 20139:10 pm

Infamous was given a Q1 2014 release date, I thought?

Fisherman June 10, 20139:09 pm

InFamous is a launch title.

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:09 pm

Infamous looks great, but when is it coming out? Why do I need to buy a PS4 this year? That’s the big problem for Sony here. I got the sense that their launch titles are going to be thin thin thin.

Jake June 10, 20139:09 pm

Anyway night guys. It’s 4.08am hahahaha ha work in 3 hours FUCK

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:08 pm

All I can say is that I came away from the Xbox conference knowing exactly what games I would be playing day one after buying the console. After the Sony conference…. I’m not really sure.

Jake June 10, 20139:08 pm

It’s November worldwide

Fisherman June 10, 20139:08 pm

Killzone and InFamous command more of my attention than do Ryse and Quantum Break, right now. The indie exclusivity and Blacklight being exclusive may cancel out Titanfall. Or just the fact that Destiny seems like it’ll scratch that itch quite well. I don’t know, man. It wasn’t a great conference, but I think they got the message across that they wanted.

Jake June 10, 20139:07 pm

That conference was 90% SHIT. But they said the right things where it mattered. There were some cool games (infamous/the order). We know the games will come. The indie focus is good. No DRM and its cheaper. I dunno, have Sony won? Have MS clinched it on exclusives? Depends what you’re looking for next GEN.

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:07 pm

So when is the PS4 available?

Antony June 10, 20139:06 pm

Well. Both consoles are tempting. I wonder if I can find £780 anywhere.

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:06 pm

I’ll definitely get it, but I’m not sure they are showing enough to convince people to go to Sony over Xbox One. If MS sells the tv integration enough, they stand a good chance of taking over this Christmas.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:05 pm

Aw, no Uncharted. Man, this is a compelling offer.

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:04 pm

That conference SUCKED. Sorry, but the only wins Sony came away with were at the expense of Microsoft’s mistakes. I can’t believe they didn’t work harder at showcasing exclusives. Big disappointment.

Jake June 10, 20139:04 pm

Oh well it’s cheaper and it will have uncharted and no drm. I’m sold.

Jake June 10, 20139:03 pm

THAT IS £258 you fucks!

Antony June 10, 20139:03 pm

That’s $550, which is stupid, but it’s still almost £100 cheaper than X1. Which is big.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:03 pm

Man that is an appealing launch price.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:03 pm

Aw, no month given.

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:03 pm

Eeek, bad conversion. Sorry UKers.

Antony June 10, 20139:03 pm

It’s under £350. Wow.

Nerves June 10, 20139:03 pm


Fisherman June 10, 20139:02 pm

Oh shit. Annnd bad currency conversion.

Jitterbug June 10, 20139:02 pm

Woot $399. Good job Sony.

Jake June 10, 20139:02 pm

I kid, of course.

Jake June 10, 20139:02 pm

You guys are the first world. We are in poverty.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:01 pm

There seems to be a lot of that going on these days, Antony.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:01 pm

I didn’t expect it to come that quickly after launch. I thought it’d be a 3-4 years down the road thing.

Antony June 10, 20139:01 pm

Beginning in the US. Of course.

Fisherman June 10, 20139:00 pm

Even he can’t believe it. Nobody knew what Gaikai was before Sony picked them up.

Jake June 10, 20139:00 pm

I’ll admit, I didn’t give a crap about that game and that has changed in a big way. Well done Bungie!

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:59 pm

Either Microsoft or Sony, yet to be decided.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:59 pm

So ready for that for the next five-eight years.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:59 pm

Titanfall v. Destiny

Nerves June 10, 20138:59 pm

Who do I give my money for this?

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:59 pm

Maybe they should avoid yelling, “Jesus Christ!” into their mics. lol

Fisherman June 10, 20138:59 pm

Usually your minimap will alert you that one is nearby and you can run in and join if you want to.

Jake June 10, 20138:59 pm

This looks like THE game to play with your friends.

Antony June 10, 20138:59 pm

Ah, they are. Nice. I’m double sold on Destiny.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:58 pm

Yeah, Antony.

Antony June 10, 20138:58 pm

So these public events are opt in or out online things?

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:58 pm

I want to play this NOW.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:58 pm

Public event, multiple teams converge and take on boss-type enemies, then go back their own separate ways. Like a World Boss in an MMO.

Nerves June 10, 20138:57 pm

Where are the Ewoks?

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:57 pm

OOooo Vehicles. Thank you, Bungie.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:57 pm

This is what makes Rift so fucking cool. Watch this shit.

Jake June 10, 20138:57 pm

Why did the sniper go firta?

Fisherman June 10, 20138:57 pm

Oh dynamic public events!

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:56 pm

Agreed, this will be a definite purchase.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:56 pm

A what?

Antony June 10, 20138:56 pm

Well, I am sold on Destiny.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:55 pm

Never change, Jones, never change.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:55 pm

That gun looks awesome. Is this sort of a take on the Borderlands gun stuff?

Fisherman June 10, 20138:55 pm

That’s not how snipers work Jones! Oh, he ran off again.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:55 pm

I’d put my money on Titanfall ending up being a better game, but it’s at least as good as what we’ve seen.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:55 pm

Dude, you gotta try Blacklight. I’m telling you, it’s everything they showed in Titanfall.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:54 pm

Ah hell, my feed just went dead.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:54 pm

Oh, that Jones. Always biting off more than he can chew. Good old Jones.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:54 pm

I think this looks interesting, but Titanfall looked way more fun. The jetpacks in Titanfall made me happy as hell.

Nerves June 10, 20138:53 pm

Hell yes Fish!

Fisherman June 10, 20138:53 pm

This just looks fucking fun to play with friends. I’m down.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:52 pm

I like the lighting effects.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:51 pm


Jitterbug June 10, 20138:51 pm

Okay, so this isn’t very exciting.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:51 pm

I agree, I was sure Sony would cave on that. Really surprised by that announcement. Of course, now it’s entirely up to the developers whether they charge for the X1 used games or not.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:51 pm

Oh man I get to attack people with ghosts??

Fisherman June 10, 20138:51 pm

I don’t know if that was lag, I think they were just standing there.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:50 pm

Uh oh. This lag stuff is becoming a theme here.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:50 pm

If they tease Uncharted, I’d put the two at a wash. But that used-game and always-on thing is huge. I was sure they’d adhere to whatever Microsoft did because of third-party pressure.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:49 pm

Destiny looks gorgeous. Makes me think of that Assassin’s Creed footage. Yikes.

Jake June 10, 20138:48 pm

If they don’t at least TEASE uncharted (like halo did) they’re bonkers

Jake June 10, 20138:48 pm

Yeah without a doubt.

Nerves June 10, 20138:48 pm

Come on baby

Antony June 10, 20138:47 pm

And here’s Destiny gameplay. About time too.

Jake June 10, 20138:47 pm


Jitterbug June 10, 20138:47 pm

Destiny isn’t exclusive either.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:47 pm

Yes, Jake, it’s good for sure, but you have to admit that they should’ve showed more games here.

Jake June 10, 20138:47 pm

It’s hardly jokes. It’s important info that’s vital to a lot of people’s purchase.

Antony June 10, 20138:47 pm

Saying that stuff doesn’t matter is an exaggeration, sure, but I know what conference I’m happiest with personally, and it isn’t Sony’s.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:47 pm

Nice! I love that they’re showing their hand for PS Plus this early.

Jake June 10, 20138:46 pm

It’s been shit but this 5
Minutes has won them SO much ground

Antony June 10, 20138:46 pm

The strength of Microsoft’s conference was exclusive video games, the strength of Sony’s is about a minute of jokes. In terms of video games, I think Microsoft has done better with their console, going off E3 alone.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:45 pm

That’s because it’s a fucking ridiculous value.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:45 pm

I do think this conference sucks though – at least so far. They’re basically only winning on MS’s failures so far.

Nerves June 10, 20138:45 pm

Hell yes!

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:45 pm

It sure does, that was a big win for them.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:44 pm

Booya. Awesome for PS Plus people.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:44 pm

No used game restrictions and being fully capable offline doesn’t matter?

Jake June 10, 20138:44 pm

This matters quite a bit, i reckon.

Jake June 10, 20138:43 pm

Haha Jack has a boner right now you can just tell

Fisherman June 10, 20138:43 pm

Well, I just wrote their entire advertising campaign.

Antony June 10, 20138:43 pm

You’re still not showing me games, Tretton. Stop taking pot-shots and start saying things that matter.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:43 pm

They’re hitting all the anti-MS points here.

Jake June 10, 20138:43 pm

Haha milk this out! MILK IT JACK haha

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:43 pm

Another big deal.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:42 pm

Big box retailers love used games, man.

Jake June 10, 20138:42 pm

No used restrictions. A MASSIVE deal for many. Look at trettons smile. He knows it

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:42 pm

Major win for Sony there, but they will lose support from some big box retailers for it.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:42 pm

Rub it in, Uncle Jack.

Nerves June 10, 20138:41 pm

Shots indeed!

Jake June 10, 20138:41 pm

It’s a bit like last GEN when Sony were busting out 1st party exclusives and MS were courting the 3rd parties BUT THE OTHER WAY AROUND

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:41 pm

There you go! Used games. Big win.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:41 pm

That is infinitely more interesting than the Sony conference. Play with that bird.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:41 pm

Oh shit. Shots fired.

Nerves June 10, 20138:41 pm

My dog just walked in with a big dead bird!

Antony June 10, 20138:41 pm

All the best development studios are making games for PS4, but they’re making the same games for Xbox One as well…

Fisherman June 10, 20138:40 pm

Jack just loves that Imagine Dragons.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:40 pm

Yet another non-exclusive. I’m sensing a hell of a trend here.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:40 pm

Interesting, but I need game play footage here, and I need it quick.

Antony June 10, 20138:39 pm


Fisherman June 10, 20138:39 pm

Wow. Did not see that coming.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:39 pm

Mad Max?

Fisherman June 10, 20138:38 pm

Is that Riddick?

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:38 pm

Only Beta exclusive for PS4, so not that big a deal. Move on.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:37 pm

If that’s a Sony exclusive that’s a big deal, but I’ll still get that on PC instead.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:37 pm

Certainly will be a PC game.

Antony June 10, 20138:36 pm

If Elder Scrolls Online isn’t available on PC I will drink my own piss.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:36 pm

If so, it would be console-exclusive. This has been in the works for some time.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:36 pm

Is this an exclusive?!

Antony June 10, 20138:35 pm

Elder Scrolls Online!

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:35 pm

Elder Scrolls?!?!

Fisherman June 10, 20138:35 pm

Yeah but can you EAT FOOD. That mouth is outta control. Is he a snake or something?

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:35 pm


Antony June 10, 20138:34 pm

Oh no, not EA Sports. Not now.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:33 pm

Okay, yes I want that game. Now sell me on the PS4.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:33 pm

Maybe I can be my own mobile player.

Jake June 10, 20138:33 pm

Haha the the currency converts from $499 to £320. But they’re charging £429. Stings

Antony June 10, 20138:32 pm

Jake, you’re not counting in all the offers places like and GAME will do. RRP won’t be the console’s selling price for long. But if it is, hell yes I’m fucking sore about that.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:32 pm

Oh that’s cool. I wonder what the mobile players do when they aren’t … integrated?

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:32 pm

MS’s overseas price of the X1 was a super huge dick move. I wouldn’t blame any non-USA folks for being sore about that.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:31 pm

Oh shit. Battle in the liveblog.

Jake June 10, 20138:31 pm

Yeah I’m so sore about that $150 extra I’d have to pay then you US guys to own an x1

Nerves June 10, 20138:31 pm


Jitterbug June 10, 20138:31 pm

Well, this had better be the most boring mission in the game, because I don’t want to play a game where this is what it’s like the whole time.

Jake June 10, 20138:30 pm

Enjoy your £429 X1.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:29 pm

If that’s a naturally-occurring phenomenon, that’s bad ass.

Antony June 10, 20138:29 pm

I really appreciate that Sony are taking the time to show off all these X1 games I’ll be getting.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:29 pm

Oh fuckin cool.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:29 pm

I really want this game, but I can play it on the X1, so this isn’t a system seller either. I hope they’re saving the big guns for late in the show here.

Jake June 10, 20138:28 pm

Driving looks solid. Sounds silly but it’s little things like that that make or break these games

Nerves June 10, 20138:28 pm

All this is doing is making we want to play games I already own

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:27 pm

Let’s talk about diabetes in owls then, shall we?

Jake June 10, 20138:27 pm

Dude sounds like he’s having an orgasm

Fisherman June 10, 20138:27 pm

Tim Tebow :( Things have gotten rough for you.

Nerves June 10, 20138:26 pm

WTF. T-bone, this guy sounds like David Sedaris

Fisherman June 10, 20138:26 pm

Oh no! Save Tebow!

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:26 pm

Yeah, that was a massive flub that won’t go unnoticed. That was a big issue.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:25 pm


Fisherman June 10, 20138:25 pm

Nope, Nerves. That was in the game. Embarassing.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:25 pm

Watchdogs. I really love this game, but it’s not an exclusive.

Nerves June 10, 20138:25 pm

Oh lag

Fisherman June 10, 20138:25 pm


Jitterbug June 10, 20138:24 pm

They’ve done a GREAT job of convincing me NOT to buy that game. And now it’s effing up?! OH NO…..

Jake June 10, 20138:24 pm

As cool as that looks, typically of AC, it will be a bitch to play. Slight tip in the wrong direction of the stick, character will leap full charge into put of fire. Endless restarts

Antony June 10, 20138:24 pm

If Sony aren’t bothering with exclusives, can they at least show Thief?

Fisherman June 10, 20138:24 pm

I don’t mind a serious entry in the AC series, but it became very clear that Connor was not a franchise character.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:24 pm

I don’t think AC3 was shitty, but I do think this looks better. The protagonist looks like he could have that bit of personality that Connor was completely devoid of.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:24 pm

They’ve got some serious motors on that sail boat.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:23 pm

Oh. Now this is happening.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:22 pm

Agreed, Uncharted 3 did look better.

Jake June 10, 20138:22 pm

This looks just as shitty as AC3 was.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:22 pm

I think Uncharted looks better than this.

Jake June 10, 20138:21 pm

True. I guess this was primarily developed for current gen

Antony June 10, 20138:21 pm

Exactly. This doesn’t make me want the console. Microsoft had their priorities right here, Sony have just been completely off the mark for most of this.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:21 pm

This looks like a PS3 game.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:21 pm

Compare how this looks to Watchdogs.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:20 pm

Okay, I might get flayed for saying this, but this is the ugliest “next gen” gameplay I’ve seen yet.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:19 pm

Oh Sony, why aren’t you focusing more on your exclusives? As interesting as AC Black Flag might be, it’s not a system seller. I want them to sell me on the damn system already.

Jake June 10, 20138:19 pm

I’m interested, at least.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:18 pm

Yeah Jake. I don’t even know what Final Fantasy 15 is, that wasn’t what they were showing.

Nerves June 10, 20138:18 pm

The first KH was awesome, but I don’t know if PS4 is necessary

Jake June 10, 20138:18 pm

Wait a new one?!?!

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:18 pm

Agreed, I think they’re probably decent games, but I’m not their target demo for it though.

Jake June 10, 20138:18 pm

Kingdom Hearts is one of those games I remember being great. But I dunno if it still would be..

Fisherman June 10, 20138:17 pm

Has a great look to it, though.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:17 pm

Yeah, I never got the appeal.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:17 pm

I never got into Kingdom Hearts, but the little lady is a big fan.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:17 pm


Antony June 10, 20138:17 pm

I just fucking splooged.

Antony June 10, 20138:17 pm

And here’s Kingdom Hearts. HERE IS KINGDOM HEARTS. Fuck yes.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:16 pm

Oh boy, Sony fans everywhere just splooged.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:16 pm

Or a cutscene of him going ‘Poop is weird!’ completely out of fucking context.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:16 pm

It’d be awesome if a dude that looked like Nerves just popped up in that composite with a goofy smile on his face.

Nerves June 10, 20138:15 pm

He is here for the great conjunction

Fisherman June 10, 20138:15 pm

I was wondering when they’d turn FF into a full on third-person character-action game.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:14 pm

Niflheim. Swoon.

Antony June 10, 20138:14 pm

This looks a little darker than what I remember of recent Final Fantasies.

Jake June 10, 20138:14 pm

I play a lot of games and I’m terrified of the idea of playing a FF

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:14 pm

Maybe one of them will have a Chocobo in their afro!

Fisherman June 10, 20138:13 pm

FF is always just on the precipice of being relevant again.

Antony June 10, 20138:13 pm

Subs > Dubs

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:12 pm

I remember back when I liked Final Fantasy games. That was a fun time… oh so long ago.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:12 pm

Great transition work. 20-second fade to black.

Jake June 10, 20138:12 pm

Oh stfu about Diablo

Fisherman June 10, 20138:12 pm

Final Fantasy time.

Antony June 10, 20138:11 pm

Yeah, they’re debuting exclusively, not completely exclusive. I’d imagine most will just be timed.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:11 pm

Oh no, Diablo 3 talk. Ugggggggh

Nerves June 10, 20138:11 pm

BOOM. Exclusive!

Fisherman June 10, 20138:11 pm

Translation: Timed exclusives, all of ’em.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:11 pm

NICE! All exclusives. Big win, Sony.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:10 pm

That’s an awesome shot on stage.

Nerves June 10, 20138:10 pm

Keep bringing the indie!

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:10 pm

All of these look great, and I want a PS4 to play these type of games. Awesome stuff.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:10 pm

Oh wow, Galaxy looks really fun too.

Jake June 10, 20138:10 pm

This is the battleground Sony can win on here. To everyone’s surprise, as well.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:09 pm

I hope that Sony really pushes this indie angle. I love this idea of giving indie developers a BIG stage to play on. Way to go, Sony.

Nerves June 10, 20138:09 pm

He said ” Voltron-ed up”

Fisherman June 10, 20138:09 pm

Oh shit, this looks like the next Slender.

Antony June 10, 20138:09 pm

Suddenly the spotlight is off Sony and onto the third parties and indie devs, and now the conference is booming. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Jake June 10, 20138:09 pm

I want whatever the fuck that is

Fisherman June 10, 20138:09 pm

Well, Microsoft has said that no game without a publisher can appear on Xbox One. These all seem like pub-funded PS4 games.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:08 pm

They’re being tightlipped on what is and what isn’t exclusive so far.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:08 pm

Another one that looks great. Yeah, now you’ve got my full attention.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:07 pm

Nice! Don’t Starve is great, highly addictive. PS4 exclusive?

Fisherman June 10, 20138:07 pm

I hope they keep that bun in the oven for as long as they need to.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:07 pm

Agreed, Jake. They are bungling the hell out of this. The indie angle is a BIG deal though.

Nerves June 10, 20138:07 pm

Wow, I am intrigued and stuff

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:06 pm

Well, chalk that one up to interesting. Not a launch though. 2014.

Jake June 10, 20138:06 pm

All they had to do was come out and say, “It’s £320, uncharted 4 is coming at launch, you can trade your games with your mates” drop the mic. Walk off.

Antony June 10, 20138:06 pm

Well this looks absolutely beautiful.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:06 pm

Transistor looks incredible. Certainly not exclusive.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:05 pm

We’ve both grown in our own ways. I’d say we’re on parallel paths.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:05 pm

Good for the Bastion guys. Console debut though, not exclusive?

Antony June 10, 20138:05 pm

45 minutes into this conference, I’ve sat up for the first time. This actually interests me.

Nerves June 10, 20138:05 pm


Fisherman June 10, 20138:04 pm

I interviewed that dude on the right. Haha

Fisherman June 10, 20138:04 pm

Oh shit this is something!

Fisherman June 10, 20138:04 pm

Show me something, Adam. I’m starting to be okay with always-on DRM and not selling used games.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:04 pm

Sony… please do something awesome here. I want you to do something cool, super quick.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:03 pm

Yeah, I’m with you. I’m only marginally sure it’s a real game at all.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:02 pm

Well, as funny as that was, it did nothing to sell me a game at all.

Antony June 10, 20138:02 pm

This is looking great, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t unnecessary.

Fisherman June 10, 20138:02 pm

Hahaha … What the fuck.

Nerves June 10, 20138:02 pm


Jitterbug June 10, 20138:01 pm


Jake June 10, 20138:01 pm

It’s that old fucking man from the reveal!

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:01 pm

That goblin looks goofy as hell.

Antony June 10, 20138:00 pm

Oh, hey, it’s that guy.

Jitterbug June 10, 20138:00 pm

Show me gameplay.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:59 pm

I’ve already forgotten what Knack is.

Jake June 10, 20137:59 pm

If Uncharted 4 isn’t a launch title, what are the other half of Naught Dog doing?!?

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:59 pm

Dang it.

Nerves June 10, 20137:59 pm

Knack looks whack

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:59 pm

Infamous Second Son as a launch title is an awesome win for Sony.

Antony June 10, 20137:59 pm

Not inFamous, by the sounds of it.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:58 pm

Oh shit. They’re all launch titles?

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:58 pm

That Knack preview was entirely forgettable.

Antony June 10, 20137:58 pm

That was a terrible Heart Shaped Box imitation, for the record.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:58 pm

Wait. Maybe it does in this world.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:58 pm

You do realize it costs 25 fucking dollars to go up into the Space Needle, right you little pipsqueak? You think money grows on trees?

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:58 pm

NO NO NO EMO version of Nirvana songs. Stop that.

Nerves June 10, 20137:57 pm

So now it’s fire, not electricty

Antony June 10, 20137:57 pm

Oh, hell. This is beautiful.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:57 pm

Oh boy, this looks fantastic. Next-gen InFamous, sign me up.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:56 pm

This looks fantastic as well. Definitely a must-buy.

Antony June 10, 20137:56 pm

I’ve been waiting to see something on Second Son. Never caught the footage from the reveal event.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:56 pm

I’m with you, Killzone is looking better and better.

Nerves June 10, 20137:56 pm

Sweet. That shield/gunbot thing is pretty wicked

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:56 pm

That Killzone demo was way better than what they showed at the reveal event.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:55 pm

This looks gorgeous.

Nerves June 10, 20137:54 pm

Yeah, the feed. Not here

Nerves June 10, 20137:54 pm

Looks neat

Fisherman June 10, 20137:54 pm

Eh. Needs gameplay. I’m with you guys.

Antony June 10, 20137:53 pm

That looks pretty awesome. I’d like to see gameplay, though.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:53 pm

The Order… Okay. I guess.

Antony June 10, 20137:53 pm

Okay, I think I just remembered what a video game is.

Jake June 10, 20137:53 pm

Oh haha, makes sense! This looks interesting. Sick of CG this e3 though. Where is the gameplay?!

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:52 pm

I think Nerves was talking about the Spike TV feed, not your comment.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:51 pm

Santa Monica Studios = Exclusive.

Jake June 10, 20137:51 pm

No man I know haha. I was being serious.

Antony June 10, 20137:50 pm

I’ve forgotten what a video game is.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:50 pm

I hope they keep slipping major game announcements in between boring-as-hell statements.

Nerves June 10, 20137:50 pm

I love the racist assholes commenting on the live feed. Playstation is a Japanese company idiots

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:50 pm

I’m literally sitting here fantasizing about Ryse and Titanfall right now.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:49 pm

Yeah we know what Twitter is. Thanks guy.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:49 pm

I don’t know, but this one is putting me to freaking sleep. I was stoked after the MS one this morning.

Jake June 10, 20137:49 pm

Japanese people make everything better

Fisherman June 10, 20137:49 pm

I’m not sure which was the better move.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:48 pm

That’s the perfect analogy, JB. Microsoft put all their boring shit in their reveal, Sony put it in their E3 conference.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:48 pm

Nerves! MS has announced a Skype thing with their system that immediately made me think of BMDDs.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:47 pm

Fucking finally.

Nerves June 10, 20137:47 pm

Please have an old school BMDD group capability

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:47 pm

I feel like I’m watching Microsoft’s reveal event.

Antony June 10, 20137:47 pm

I have a new drinking game. I’m going to take a shot every time I hear something that makes me actually consider buying a PS4 over an X1 and afterwards I will be completely sober.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:46 pm

Pay-per-view events is interesting though.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:46 pm

Okay, what new stuff. Redbox, meh it’s going to fail soon anyhow.

Antony June 10, 20137:46 pm

Now there’s a show I haven’t watched in years.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:46 pm

So, they’re announcing services that are already available through better services? Sorry, this is of no interest.

Jake June 10, 20137:45 pm

Antony, he looks like the talking head from Art Attack (British reference)

Nerves June 10, 20137:45 pm

Oh shit suckas!

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:44 pm

I feel like this is comparable to MS having come out to talk about how they are the company that makes Windows 8. Yay, thanks for the info, now how about we stay on point here.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:44 pm

Oh yeah that’s an ugly piece of shit. I thought vertical consoles were last-gen?

Jake June 10, 20137:44 pm

Haha I don’t like it. I don’t really care. Think it’s nicer than X1 but I think they both look like black boxes. Just wanna know what they can do.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:43 pm

Now a zombie is telling us about how great Sony is.

Antony June 10, 20137:43 pm

Sony are still stumbling when you compare this to Microsoft’s conference.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:42 pm

So not much.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:42 pm

But Jake likes it.

Jake June 10, 20137:42 pm

Anyway screw what it looks like. WHAT CAN I DO WITH IT, MEN?

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:42 pm

You missed that the PS4 looks like a slanted box and is ugly as hell.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:42 pm

It’s a zombie!

Fisherman June 10, 20137:42 pm

Had to step away, did I miss much?

Jake June 10, 20137:42 pm

Nah, it’s nicer then x1. Has some sort of “look”. Still a bit shit.

Antony June 10, 20137:41 pm

The diagonal bit is not going to make it fit nicely against the wall under my TV and this bothers me for some reason.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:41 pm

Oh well, I don’t care much what they look like anyhow.

Jake June 10, 20137:41 pm

I like the diagonal bit haha

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:40 pm

I can’t believe this. It is literally one of the ugliest consoles I’ve ever seen. I thought the X1 was bad, but that thing just looks like a box, but dumber.

Jake June 10, 20137:40 pm

I genuinely think it’s partially nicer than the ONE

Antony June 10, 20137:40 pm

It looks like someone stepped on a box.

Jake June 10, 20137:40 pm

It looks…like a box

Antony June 10, 20137:40 pm


Jitterbug June 10, 20137:40 pm

LOL, LOLOLOL OMG It’s uglier than the Xbox One!

Jake June 10, 20137:39 pm

Imagine the PS4 reveal. That’s what’s happening

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:39 pm

My feed just died. lol

Jake June 10, 20137:39 pm

I love Andrew House. He’s actually pretty good at delivery.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:38 pm

Thank goodness.

Antony June 10, 20137:38 pm

Hopefully this is a sign that we can get onto the damn PS4 games.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:37 pm

ARGH! Move on move on move on.

Jake June 10, 20137:37 pm

Sadly you’ve started a conference off with costume skins

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:36 pm

No it’s not.

Antony June 10, 20137:36 pm

Ah, they were just talking about the DLC. Never mind.

Jake June 10, 20137:36 pm

Nah surely not

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:36 pm

Yay, costumes for batman – i am so enthused. MOVE IT ALONG!

Antony June 10, 20137:36 pm

Wait, is Arkham Origins PS3 exclusive?

Jake June 10, 20137:35 pm

Batman is the absolute Mutt’s Nuts. What a dude.

Antony June 10, 20137:34 pm

Yeah, Microsoft came out with stuff like Ryse and MGS5. Sony’s start has been weak in comparison.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:34 pm

I do love these Arkham games.

Jake June 10, 20137:33 pm

They needed to start this conference with more of a bang. This could have been slotted into the middle and we would’ve barely have noticed.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:33 pm

Yeah it’s fuckin great. Move it along, champ.

Jake June 10, 20137:32 pm

Jesus. I know it’s late but wow.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:32 pm

I hope they get to the PS4 soon, because this has been a snoozer so far.

Jake June 10, 20137:32 pm


Jake June 10, 20137:32 pm

The less enthused*

Fisherman June 10, 20137:32 pm

Bitch I’m not tryin’a’see more PS3 games.

Jake June 10, 20137:32 pm

The more David Cage talks, there’s enthused I become. He’s like a fuck sucker. He just wants is all to cry.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:31 pm


Antony June 10, 20137:31 pm

Beyond is looking superb. This is Playstation exclusive, isn’t it?

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:30 pm

Why is Ellen Page all over Sony’s codpiece nowadays??

Jake June 10, 20137:30 pm


Fisherman June 10, 20137:30 pm

Beyond looks great, but I’m wondering why we’re seeing the tutorial level.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:29 pm

And there was a firefiiiiiiight

Antony June 10, 20137:28 pm

Puppeteer will be a Move title, I assume. I think the applause was in-game.

Jake June 10, 20137:28 pm

Play Walking Dead guys because its an incredible achievement for a game who’s characters move like you have to wind them up with a key.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:28 pm

Canned applause there?

Fisherman June 10, 20137:28 pm

Maybe Sony traded the rights to Blu-Ray for the One to Microsoft for the rights to Skype on the Vita/PS4?

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:27 pm

As good as this game looks, I have trouble getting excited about this at a press conference considering this is available this week.

Jake June 10, 20137:27 pm

Haha, Sony and MS can’t get enough of that new fangled Skyle tech. It’s the lifeblood of NEXT GEN.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:27 pm

You guys want to hear about Skype, don’t you?

Fisherman June 10, 20137:27 pm

Oh, arguably the game of 2012? Oh yeah, the sequel’s coming out in a month or so. Ho hum.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:26 pm

I just finished the first episode.

Antony June 10, 20137:26 pm

I’ve been dangerously late to the Walking Dead game party. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Jake June 10, 20137:26 pm

Yes he did. Good news though.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:26 pm

He said that Skype works great on Vita. yay

Fisherman June 10, 20137:25 pm

Did he just say that or did I imagine it? And did he really just sandwich it between two boring things about the Vita?

Fisherman June 10, 20137:25 pm

What?? The Walking Dead’s next episode is this summer??

Jake June 10, 20137:25 pm


Jitterbug June 10, 20137:24 pm

Don’t worry, you’re not missing anything.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:24 pm

Down goes my stream.

Jake June 10, 20137:23 pm

Jack Tretton just waving a vita at you. Screaming, “PS4 is just a ruse”.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:23 pm

Holding the Vita like that is a fucking terrible idea.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:23 pm

Where’s the fast forward button?

Antony June 10, 20137:22 pm

Jake, if that is the last sight I ever see then I will die happy. And scared. But mostly happy.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:22 pm

No one wants to know about Vita.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:22 pm


Fisherman June 10, 20137:22 pm

lol Jake

Jake June 10, 20137:21 pm

Imagine having that sizzle reel dream and waking up in a cold sweat to see Jack Tretton smiling at you cus that’s basically what just happened.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:21 pm


Fisherman June 10, 20137:21 pm

They’re all asleep in their chairs now, Jack.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:20 pm

If they bring back Kevin Butler, I will poo myself.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:20 pm

Good song choice.

Antony June 10, 20137:20 pm

Sony always know how to open a conference.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:19 pm

The MLB: The Show series is a major system mover for me, too.

Jake June 10, 20137:19 pm

Sizzle my reel, Sony!

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:19 pm

Did we just see the console there?

Fisherman June 10, 20137:18 pm

Show me someone inside the X.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:18 pm

Sony Rave! It’s 1996 everyone!!!

Jake June 10, 20137:17 pm

We have blast off.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:17 pm

Floaty controls, weird camera placement were the bane of KZ2. I bought KZ3 to show off my 3D TV, and ended up enjoying it a bunch.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:17 pm

I’ll give Sony this, their conference screen is gorgeous.

Jake June 10, 20137:17 pm

1 fucking minute?!? This is NEXT GEN!

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:16 pm

I never played K3 specifically for what Fish just said. Everyone promised me part 2 was awesome, and I thought it was crap.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:16 pm

(patent pending)

Fisherman June 10, 20137:16 pm

If only you had PlayStation Stream Plus.

Antony June 10, 20137:16 pm

One minute until game time! Sony being fashionably early for their 2014 E3 conference here.

Jake June 10, 20137:16 pm

Yeah, Killzone has always been white noise to me.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:16 pm

Yeah, Sony turned on their new machine and realized they needed a firmware update. Sigh – time to go out to eat and come back an hour later to see if it’s finished downloading yet.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:15 pm

It’s really, really good. Great campaign, good multiplayer. Bad controls kind of borked Killzone 2 and a lot of people never gave Killzone 3 a chance because of it.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:15 pm

I also couldn’t care less about Killzone, although I know a lot of people love that series.

Jake June 10, 20137:14 pm

If the Playstation 4 is nothing else, it will always be late, at least. *insert firmware update gag*

Fisherman June 10, 20137:14 pm

Gabe Newell ate the demo unit.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:13 pm

OH. Oh. Nope.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:13 pm


Antony June 10, 20137:13 pm

They’re probably just making sure their sound is working.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:13 pm

lol, yeah, the word is they’re still seating people there.

Jake June 10, 20137:13 pm

It’s ok Sony. It’s only 2:11am here. You take your freakin’ time.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:13 pm

I wonder if we’ll also see a cheaper PS3 announcement, same as at the MS conference.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:12 pm

No lie: I have used the phrase ‘Let me set up the aspiration.’ in real business context two or three times since the PS4 reveal. That phrase is just rife with potential and no expectation of timeline.

Antony June 10, 20137:12 pm

Yeah, and that’s just Microsoft’s conference. The Division looks cool, as does The Crew, and even Plants Vs Zombies is looking pretty fun.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:11 pm

So far this E3 has been surprising good. Ryse, Titanfall, The Division, and Sunset Overdrive all look great.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:11 pm

Left-sticking to move on my controller. My mind is a magical place.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:10 pm

I think it’ll come in at $450, but I’m leaning heavy on that $600 Vita Bundle. Here’s my dream: Playing Watch Dogs and holding my Vita vertically, like it’s Aidan’s cell phone.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:09 pm


Fisherman June 10, 20137:08 pm

Hit the Share button harder!

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:08 pm

I’m hearing it’s still 5 minutes away.

Antony June 10, 20137:08 pm

My stream’s not started yet either. Must be running late.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:08 pm

Sony is running late.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:08 pm

Very true.

Antony June 10, 20137:08 pm

I wonder if we’ll see a counter to the 360 getting Killer Instinct. Getting any out of Tekken, Mortal Kombat or Soul Calibur as exclusives would be cool.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:08 pm

My stream hasn’t kicked on yet. Anyone?

Fisherman June 10, 20137:07 pm

Exclusives shouldn’t be an issue for Sony. InFamous, Uncharted, God of War, whatever Quantic Dreams have been cooking up. I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot here. If I’m stacking them all up against just Ryse and Titanfall (especially since I have a PC capable of running Titanfall), it’s already skewing pretty hard.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:06 pm

Sony is known for their exclusives, and I want to see them. PS4 w/ Vita equals something I won’t buy. lol

Fisherman June 10, 20137:05 pm

Bold prediction: One of the PS4 SKUs is a bundle with a Vita. I’ll call that one at $600 flat.

Antony June 10, 20137:05 pm

Yeah, Destiny and the new Thief game should be there. Neither of those are exclusives, of course, but should still look good.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:05 pm

One thing I am definitely not looking forward to is Sony trying to convince me that the Vita is relevant. Ugh.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:04 pm

Yeah, but Destiny won’t sell me on the PS4 because it’s going to be on the X1 too.

Fisherman June 10, 20137:04 pm

Keep in mind that we’re going to get the Destiny demo in this conference, too.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:04 pm

MS is currently pre-selling the X1 on their site for $499 with no mention of any other pricing plan. That’s a hell of a blunder in my opinion.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:01 pm

MS scored big with Ryse and Titanfall as launch titles. Let’s see what Sony can offer up.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:00 pm

I’m also aching to see some more from GTA 5.

Jitterbug June 10, 20137:00 pm

Here’s what I want to see: The console, a price under $400, and Uncharted 4.

Antony June 10, 20136:59 pm

Didn’t the iPad have a $499 pricetag at some point? Not saying the X1 is cheap because it isn’t, but there’s a bit of perspective there. I really wouldn’t the PS4 to be much lower than the X1’s RRP at all.

Jitterbug June 10, 20136:55 pm

Sony was given a gift today with the X1 price point. Let’s see if they capitalize on it.

Fisherman June 10, 20136:54 pm

Good point. Hot rumor right now is that there will be multiple SKUs for the PS4 console.

Jitterbug June 10, 20136:54 pm

I agree, but a lot of the things MS does these days absolutely mystifies me.

Fisherman June 10, 20136:53 pm

Apple has had a lot of success doing exactly that for years.

Fisherman June 10, 20136:52 pm

True, but I’m not sure why they wouldn’t have mentioned it. Putting $299 or $199 in big numbers on a grand stage is a pretty powerful promotional tool.

Jitterbug June 10, 20136:51 pm

As shocked as we all are about the X1 price, it might be a non-issue if MS announces a subscription model pricing structure.

Fisherman June 10, 20136:50 pm

I’m with Antony here. That feels just about right. And an October release.

Antony June 10, 20136:50 pm

I’ll predict a $450 price tag for the PS4. £400 for the UK, €400 for Europe.

Jitterbug June 10, 20136:46 pm

If Sony prices the PS4 under $400, with an equal price overseas, then they are going to be a juggernaut this holiday season.

Fisherman June 10, 20136:33 pm

T-Minus 30 minutes, ladies and gentlemen.

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