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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | May 16, 2021

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Bad Movie Drinky Drinky Saturday – One-Eyed Monster

BMDD is back in a big way this Saturday, April 7th! It’s all going down at 8pm TS time (that’s Mountain Standard Time for you new folks). We’ll be watching One-Eyed Monster! With a synopsis like this:

“Adult film stars Ron Jeremy and Veronica Hart reunite in this hilarious homage to horror. Stranded by a storm, the cast and crew of a porn flick fall prey to a vicious killer when Ron’s (Jeremy) dismembered member is possessed by a bloodthirsty alien. Now they’ll have to destroy the slithering monster before it spreads its deadly seed across the world. Amber Benson, Carmen Hart and Charles Napier also star.”

And reviews like this:

“This movie was bad. A killer organ .Sounds like most men. It was ugly too. I must ask who did they think would watch this?”

This movie was made for Bad Movie Drinky Drinky!

To clear some technical hurdles right upfront: Netflix Party has been removed since the Xbox Live update (boo!), so we’re doing things differently this time around. For starters, we’ll be communicating with each other through Skype, and you can watch Rubber on whatever Netflix platform you have available. To that end, if you live in a region without Netflix, if you can get your hands on the movie, you can join us through Skype. In a way, by removing Netflix Party from the 360, we now have a lot more potential BMDD’ers. So spread the word!

Keep your eyes on the @bmddlive twitter account for more details as the glorious day approaches!

  • Cobberwebb

    Bout’ time! It’s gonna be a very late night for me! 3am! Holy crap!

  • BluCollarGamer

    Sign my ass up!

  • Cameron

    Damn I have to work. Maybe the next one could be a Friday night?