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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | April 4, 2020

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So Much Entertainment…

The following entry is an introductory piece from a new writer for the Talkingship. He’s been an avid fan of the show (and of me personally) and has been very active on our site and facebook page. When we put out a call for content, he was one of the first to answer. So raise your glass, put on your reading glasses and welcome Cobberwebb.


We all like to have fun and fun comes in many different forms depending on your individual tastes. Some enjoy movies, games, music and even cosplay. I figure I’ll spend a little time here giving you a glimpse into my particular tastes.

Arrghhh! My eyes!

I count myself lucky as I don’t have a girlfriend or kids which gives me plenty of ‘me’ time. (Some of you might think that I’m unlucky because of this but, I’ve had my fair share of girlfriends and I think you’re all crazy.) I’ve ended up trying to fill this time with so many different hobbies that it makes my head spin. I like to watch movies and this particular form of entertainment has for me been the most disappointing in recent years. Hollywood just seems not to care anymore about making good films. (see Jack and Jill)

Hey! What you drinking there?

The conveyor belt of shit that emerges from the big screen these days forced me to look elsewhere. In my search for a replacement I’ve found anime. The Japanese writers are fucking twisted and I love them for it. I’ve never seen such a wide range of characters and such imaginative story telling since……well ever. This gave me a new problem. I’ve spent hours and hours watching anime since January 2011 and have still only scratched the surface of this amazing culture. (A topic to be covered more in depth in the future.)

Helloooooo nurse!


So what about my gaming? Luckily for me I’m a picky gamer and It’s not very often that a game comes out that I have to buy. This allows for more beer money for the games I actually do purchase. At the present time I’m being forced to replay Halo: Reach on Legendary with a friend of mine so he can get the achievements (then I want to do Halo 3: ODST for the same reasons). I’ll admit, I’m a good friend and an unabashed Halo-lover.

Now, when it comes to music, I love just about everything. I love heavy metal, rock, classical, Michael Jackson, Elvis, I love it all and again I’m lucky in this department. I’m a delivery driver, which gives me hours of time in a van to listen to music, podcasts and the sports radio channel.  I also like to create music now that I’ve recently become a vocalist in a band (see the Talkingship Facebook page for some of my videos), so now I need to find time for that. Where does it end?

I have books to read and instruments I want to learn to play. I have a telescope, a DSLR camera that allows me to dabble in photography. Do I write up a schedule to fit all this in? I can’t quit my job because I need money to fund all of this shit! So as I write this (thinking this could be yet another time sucking endeavour) my brain is turning into a substance you could only describe as jellied porridge. Do I make a list and give up on some of these fun activities? I’ll just have to have a long hard think about it, or, maybe see what you guys have to say on the subject.

In the end we all only have a limited time here on Earth so maybe it’s best not to stress about these small problems and just be happy that I can be entertained by such a wide variety of interests. At least I know I have something fun to fall back on if one of my hobbies loses its flavour. With that thought in mind, I need a beer.


  • Quinstar

    So, you’re saying your hobby is collecting hobbies? Also, I think the first picture is going to give me nightmares…. Thanks for that.

  • Cobberwebb

    Don’t know the second is just as disturbing 😉