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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | January 16, 2021

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TSAMovies # 5 – Top 5 Movies About Dreams

Freddy (Part 2) Pumpkin's sooo Gay!

This week, Jitterbug and Nerves return from their short vacation to bring you their Top Five Movies About Dreams.  They also continue their Nightmare on Elm Street Retrospective with the gayest film in the franchise, Part 2 – Freddy’s Revenge.  Listen and then let us know if you agree with Jitterbug that this is the gayest horror film of all time.

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  • Cameron

    I’m nit even gonna get into how horrible you guys are for not seeing Inception (and it WOULD be at the top of your list if you HAD seen it)… Anyway I digress
    Here’s my list
    5- Alice in Wonderland This movie has tripped me out since I was a little kid.
    4- Total Recall Is Quaid a secret agent from Mars or is he just at Recall? Come on Coahaagen give dem de air!
    3- Little Nemo This is one of my favorite animated films of all time, its highly underrated and little know, its a must watch for young and old.
    2- Wizard of Oz Obvious pick is obvious.
    1- Inception Never had I talked or thought about a movie as much as I had with Inception, The movie itself seems like a dream.
    My list is better than any of yours :P.
    Also I have not seen Requiem for a Dream or That animated one you talked about but I do now.

  • Jitterbug

    Requiem is a tremendous movie. See it ASAP!

  • ColbyTS

    Dude Cam sweet list I’m gonna throw up mine just because its even better
    5- Next . . .I’m gonna mildly bend the rules and put this thriller with Nicholas Cage come one he woke up at the end
    4- Alice in Wonderland even though half of it freaked me out as a child I still liked it
    3- The Cell- This was a freaky ass movie that changed my idea of sleep good shit I fully recommend it
    2- Inception- it kicked ass and rocked my world
    1- Total Recall- this movie as a child was the gateway to great movies for me all the betrayal and deception and then at the end was it all a dream??? I say no but thats because that would piss me off

  • ColbyTS

    I changed my mind, just watched Dreamscape it gets #5

  • Nerves

    Yes! Dreamscape! The 80’s will rise again! Glad I could get you into a new awesome movie.

  • ColbyTS

    It was sweet I don’t know what you were saying about the beginning being garbage, while mind you it was very stereo-typical forcing someone to do something but the second half was hella sweet. And Dennis Quaid was awesome.


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  • Curtis

    Nice post dude