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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | June 16, 2019

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March 27, 2014 |

Daniel Kitson has a reputation as one of the best (if slightly obscure) comedians in the country. He refuses to go along with what everyone else does, shunning social media, panel shows and arena tours in favour of small, intimate performances, announced with little fanfare. With Analog.Ue, he goes a step further: here, we have a show where Kitson remains silent for the entire duration. 95 minutes of a prerecorded performance, played out using 46 analogue tape machines. Sounds strange? It certainly is – but that doesn’t stop it from being excellent. Read More

REVIEW: Jazzpunk

March 23, 2014 |

It is the year 1959B, and the Soviets are up to no good. I know this because I am a secret agent, an invisible tool my government deploys for tasks requiring the utmost discretion – like, say, stealing a Soviet hard drive from their imposing headquarters. Sounds difficult? Maybe for an amateur like you – but professionals like me always have a plan. Naturally, it begins in the park outside the headquarters. I walk up to my contact and say hello to him. “WHERE IS THE MACGUFFIN?” he screams at me, with impressive volume. Confused, I ask him again, and get the same reply, only louder. I wander off to ask a passerby what a MacGuffin is, but the first guy I run into asks me for some gum. I hand my last stick to him, and he blows a bubble so big that it bursts in his face, blinding him. He then, naturally, rolls into oncoming traffic.

This isn’t what I signed up for.

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Movie Review: The Other Guys

August 16, 2010 |

I wonder what conditioner they use? Their hair is so perfect.

If you appreciate comedy at all, you’ve already heard about this movie. If your religious beliefs forbid you from laughing, let me fill you in. Mark Walberg and Will Farrell star as two cops whose careers are not where they were hoping they would be.  Constantly subjected to the ridicule of the other detectives, including the balls-to-the-wall hot shots played by Dewayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson, they’re just trying to get by. The previews show a straight-shooting Mark Walberg trying to deal with a less-than-normal Will Farrell and hilarity ensues. Question is, is it worth your time?

Ok, first of all I’ve got to get this out of the way. This entire movie is less-than-normal. Everyone is a satire on what they’re supposed to be, and the few characters that are supposed to be straight-laced come off looking like they’re in the wrong film. That being said, it’s a great “buddy cop” movie. The dialogue is very funny and I found myself laughing the hardest whenever Mark and Will were fighting. There is an exceptional argument concerning Lions and Tuna that almost made me leak a lttle of the cherry-coke I had been enjoying.

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