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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | April 4, 2020

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Talkingship’s 2013 Games of the Year

Talkingship’s 2013 Games of the Year

We’re fast approaching the end of the year, and that means it’s time to reflect on all the games we’ve played to establish which are the best. After all, the Talkingship Game of the Year Stamp of Approval (TM) is what all the publishers are really looking to receive this Christmas.

We’ve decided to do things a little differently this year. As the Talkingship staff is made up of many different people with different tastes, putting together a ranked list is a fruitless endeavour. Instead, our writers have put forward their case for why certain games should be considered one of the games of the year. Over the next few days, you’re going to see their arguments in the form of seven articles. Together, these games make up our games of the year.

We’ve got a rather eclectic list, comprising everything from independent iOS titles to the best selling game of all time. We’ve got stories that brought us to tears, platforming that warmed our hearts and racers that got our heart pumping. 2013 has been a year full of great video games, and in our list we’ve got the very best.

Whether or not you agree with our choices, I think you’ll agree that our opinions are justified. We’d love to hear what you think, so comment on the articles with your personal selections. Do you despise the lack of Nintendo? Do you think iOS isn’t a real gaming platform? Should we have included Call of Duty: Ghosts? Let us know: your opinions are always welcome.

This post will update with links to the articles as and when they go up. Enjoy.