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Larry Probst to be New EA CEO

  • On March 20, 2013

Our source tells us that Larry Probst, current Executive Chairman of EA, will act as John Riccitiello’s replacement.

A senior executive at EA heavily insinuated that Larry Probst would be staying on permanently as EA’s new CEO, claims a source close to EA. Whilst we cannot publish the name of this executive for security reasons, we can confirm that he met with our extremely reliable source earlier today. This follows the departure of former CEO John Riccitiello earlier this week, who resigned due to ‘accountability’: EA’s fiscal performances have been weak recently, and they are not scheduled to meet targets this quarter. There was also speculation that the recent SimCity fiasco led to Riccitiello’s resignation.

Probst is currently EA’s Executive Chairman, overseeing the company until a new CEO is put in place. Whilst these claims cannot be fully verified, we believe that they are 100% accurate. Probst previously served as EA’s CEO from 1991-2007, prior to Riccitiello’s arrival, thus it is no huge stretch of the imagination to consider his return to the post.

We’ll update this post as and when we hear more.


  • Cameron Lim

    As long as they shy away for the always online crap I don’t care who’s steering that ship.