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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | March 30, 2020

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Nintendo’s Magazine Powers Down This Month

Nintendo’s Magazine Powers Down This Month

As a source for Nintendo news, reviews, tips, tricks, and previews for about twenty-five years, Nintendo Power magazine has reached its very last issue this month with #285. This cancellation is due to Nintendo choosing not to renew their contract with Future Publishing, the managers of the magazine since 2007. Highlights of the last release include Wii U launch-game reviews (including New Super Mario Bros. U) and a “Greatest Games of All Time” list to take us back through the years.

Wow. It’s really sad to see the magazine come to an end. I remember when I was about seven years old I would beg my mom to take me to our library just so I could check out a few issues, usually about the latest N64 titles. Gosh, what great memories. Remember Howard & Nester comics? Remember all the posters they folded in the magazines? The “Top 10” lists? Game rankings?

Nintendo Power debuted way back in July/August of 1988, spotlighting Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES. Paying homage to their origins, the magazine’s last cover gives a modern take on issue #1’s Super Mario claymation. The plumber is shown doing his trademark jump on top of an unsuspecting Goomba while being pursued by King Koopa himself.

Issues #285 and #1 standing side by side.

And the cherry on top: an end-of-level flagpole is within Mario’s sights. If you listen closely you can hear hundreds of thousands of gamers wiping single tears off of their cheeks.

The final issue has already shipped for subscribers, and is scheduled to hit newsstands on December 11th.

It’s been a good run, Nintendo Power. Every part of me still regrets not renewing my subscription a couple years ago. Goodbye, my sweet prints.