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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | March 31, 2020

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Review: World of Tanks

Review: World of Tanks

It's a world..... FULL OF TANKS!!!!!

G’day Shipheads, and welcome to my review of “World of Tanks”.

Today’s review is brought to you by Insomnia, Sleep Deprivation, and Caffeine… Mmmmm, love that Caffeine.

So, to start with, what is “World of Tanks” I hear you ask… no seriously, I heard you ask the question… I’m right outside your window…

Putting the "multi" in multiplayer...

Put simply, “World of Tanks” is a Massive Multiplayer Online game with RPG elements built into it.  The games involve teams of 15 players versus 15 players, driving a wide variety of light, medium and heavy Tanks that range from World War 2, through to the Korean War (Police action my arse…).  Battles are fought in sessions that can last from as long as 15 minutes (the games maximum session time) to as little as 3 hard, fast minutes of intense “Cavalry Charge” style gameplay.

Win or lose, you will earn XP and Credits, which all go towards the RPG side of the game.  XP can be used to skill up your tank crews, allowing them to operate the machines better and faster than they can at the start.  XP and Credits are also used to research upgrades to your machines, with things like better engines, quicker rotating turrets, better tracks, improved cannons all helping you turn your humble beginners tank into a ROLLING MACHINE OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!!!… ahem…  Like I was saying, you upgrade your starter tanks, of which you have 3, and with successful completion of a full upgrade of any single tank, it opens up further options to begin purchasing the next tank tier above it.

All this goes a long way to make an already enjoyable game an even deeper experience.  The other part of this is that no tank is ever the same stat wise. You could have an American Light Tank that has completely the opposite stats to a Light Tank of a German or Soviet design. More armor in one place, less in another.  Faster ground speed, but slower turret rotation, or a slower turning circle, but a quicker and more accurate target lock on.  All these things go a long way to ensuring that the tactics you are using to survive differ from tank to tank.  For some, sitting back and providing cover and support is your thing, others might be better suited to flanking the enemy and taking them from behind.  Then there are just those that charge head on into the oncoming artillery fire.  It all goes into making an awesome game that has surprising depth to it.

…and did I mention that the game is free to download…

That’s right sports fans, the core game, to download and begin playing online instantly, will not cost you $59.95, it will not cost you $29.95, it will NOT cost you $5.95…

It is free as free can be.

Say "Hello" to my little friend!

Now, I hear you saying, “Muttonchop, how is it that they can provide me a game with such depth and longevity and have it cost nothing to download and play?”  Well, they do this through the one thing you probably all saw coming… Micro Transactions.  Now, you may think that I’ve lied to you in saying that this game is free, but really, I haven’t.  The core game IS free to download and play, and you can have a hell of a lot of fun playing normally while still being competitive. You just have to adjust to the fact that your machine isn’t as decked out as some of the others, and adjust your tactics accordingly.  The only thing is that playing the game without resorting to a purchase will still net you all the tanks and upgrades available to those who have purchased them… it will just take you a very looooong time to accrue the XP and Credits to purchase them.  Like I said though, don’t sweat the little stuff.  This game is still a lot of fun to play with a more basic tank than what some others may have.  This is also where the matchmaking system really comes into play.  It does a very good job of balancing out the teams, ensuring that no one team is more overpowered than the other, leaving it more down to the skill of the players to take the win rather than the “He who has the super tech shall smite all!!!” philosophy.

Now, I could go on and on about this game, telling you about how good it is, but all I’m going to tell you to do is to just download it and find out for yourself.  For the cost of some of your bandwidth, you can be engaging in large scale tank battles for free, with other people who just want to have fun and blow shit up just as much as you do!

I’m Muttonchop, and I approve this game!

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