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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | May 26, 2020

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GameLounge at PAX – Catan on the Microsoft Surface

This was something we caught wind of our first day on the floor here, check out this slick piece of technology!

[rokbox title="GameLounge at PAX - Catan on the Microsft Surface" thumb="" size="854 505" album="demo"][/rokbox]

Very impressive hardware, arguably more impressive software, but the barrier to entry to buy a Microsoft Surface may just not be there.  Hopefully this leads to more people getting their hands on this awesome game in some capacity though.  Thanks so much to the people behind this for granting us this quick interview!

  • Aaron “Jitterbug” Wise

    Wow, I can see myself NEVER owning that! $4500 for a gaming system that harkens back to the 70’s table top Pac-Man?! Who the fuck is the target audience for that??

  • Dave “Fisherman” Fisher

    Looks to me like something you might buy if you owned a bar as something unique and interesting to put in there. Practically, for the average consumer, I can’t see it either. The thing is pretty, though, prettier than our video can make it look (thanks for the low-res limiter, YouTube).

  • Aaron “Jitterbug” Wise

    Oh yeah – that makes sense. I would definitely frequent a bar that had a table top Catan game!

  • Dave “Fisherman” Fisher

    Come on man, saying the Surface isn’t right for a commercial setting because everyone doesn’t play Catan is a little short-sighted. That would be like saying TVs shouldn’t exist in bars because not everyone likes College Baseball. Catan is just a program for the surface, and there are at dozens more available now.

    I think some of the more interesting commercial applications for Surface include ordering drinks right off the table, playing a quick game of competitive Breakout, or card games, or board games, or things like that. And yeah, maybe Catan would be a viable application in a commecial setting with the right crowd, just so long as it wasn’t the ONLY application on the surface. That would be a totally underwhelming piece of hardware.

    All that said, it is absolutely not a consumer product right now. Not unless they cut the price in half and show me something I can’t do on the iPad on it.