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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | August 4, 2020

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An Open Letter to Netflix RE: Community

May 9, 2014 |

Dear Mr Hastings [CEO of Netflix],

I’m writing to provide my feedback/suggestions for your company. As you may know, the critically acclaimed comedy show “Community” was recently cancelled by NBC. I am writing to suggest that Netflix picks up the show for one last season and a feature film.

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Breaking Bad: The Final Season to Air Weekly on Netflix UK

July 20, 2013 | 1

The final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad start airing on August 11 in the US on AMC, and we’ve discovered that they’ll also air weekly on Netflix UK. Read More

Xbox One and TV: What’s The Point?

May 21, 2013 | 2

The Xbox One will have TV integration. What’s the point? Read More

Netflix Instant’s New Partner

August 12, 2010 | 8

Netflix just finalized a deal with Paramount, MGM, and LionsgateRead More

The Ultimate BMDD – Battlefield Earth

August 9, 2010 | 2

On September 1st the BMDD Gods have deemed us worthy of the greatest bad movie ever made.  Battlefield Earth will become available to Instant Watch on Netflix.

I have seen an unreasonable number of bad movies in my time.  Yet there is one that is so gleefully horrid that the first time I saw it, I sat in awe of the sheer shittitude that confronted me.  Battlefield Earth was released in 2000, and depicts the human race’s struggle against an alien race known as the Pschlos (seriously – Hubbard added an “L” to the word Psychos in an attempt to be clever.)  It stars John Travolta as the leader of the ridiculously named alien race, and it was based on Travolta’s religious icon, L Ron Hubbard’s book of the same name.

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