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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | April 20, 2021

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*BREAKING NEWS* War never changes….however, Talkingship soon to be a dedicated FALLOUT 4 WIKI site!

*BREAKING NEWS* War never changes….however, Talkingship soon to be a dedicated FALLOUT 4 WIKI site!

** Please note we are testing out an experimental Captain’s commentary system, please click the play button to hear commentary **

Talkingship is back folks, and we’re excited to announce that we will soon be wandering the wastelands in search for the HOTTEST tips on the game we all know and love, FALLOUT 4.


The ship has spoken, and we will focus all coverage on Fallout 4 mods, tips, tricks and hints. Over the next few months we will be working to rebrand the site to match this new direction.


Covered on the TalkingShip Captain’s Log Podcasts we will be sharing in written form the Captains’ collective top Fallout 4 tips, hints and tricks, and will be taking submissions from you, our wonderful audience. Stay safe survivors and check back in to your only source for Fallout 4 related site, Talkingship.




Covered in the Episode 43 – The Cosby-Sheen Comedy Tour

Jitterbug and Nerves share their combined excitement for Fallout 4 and Jitterbug shares some tips to make your first few playthroughs exciting and successful.

  • Taken from Podcast Minutes: 13min:01sec


Tip #1: Don’t Be Afraid to Restart

Jitterbug advises players new to the Fallout universe to not be afraid to create a “junk” character to explore and get used to the deep and rich mechanics of Fallout 4. As you may discover early on Bethesda isn’t holding your hand in this Talkingship Captain’s Choice GOTY contender.


Many of the mechanics are not explained so play through the first 10-20 levels to get a feel for the game.





Covered In Episode 44 Offensive Beaver Buddies

The Captains not only agree that Fallout 4 is the best game ever, but share several great tips in this content rich almost totally Fallout 4 related episode.

  • Taken from Podcast Minutes: 47min:47sec


Tip 2: Jam up the Intelligence on your character!

Why? Well the more intelligence you have, the faster you gain XP. More XP means quicker leveling and since there is no experience or level cap you can continue to explore, collect resources and merc Super Mutants until the next Fallout Game!

Tip 3: Embrace the skill.

The skill Idiot Savant,  located under Luck, provides the player random experience drops throughout the game. However, Jitterbug points out that despite the description stating you must be a lower level of intelligence to maximize these benefits, the combination of higher Intelligence and the random experience drops can quickly level up your character.

idiot savant


Tip 4: Keep camps small!


Despite your initial reaction to just build the largest most bad assed settlement, Jitterbug (resident Fallout 4 expert) identifies that the bigger size settlements could cause you some issues in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.03.58 AM

In the upper right hand side of the screen you can see that each settlement has a limit of how much stuff it can have in it.

Through our research at the Talkingship Fallout 4 Labs,  size also makes your settlement more prone to attack by roving raiders.


Tip 5: Store, DON’T Scrap.

While you are building up your settlement, resist scraping accidental builds or parts, instead store those parts for later as you will never receive the amount of materials put into the object back. Great tips, Jbug.


Tip 6: Pipboy, the light, the way.

In your settings you can adjust the RGB on your pip boy’s display. By pegging all the colors to max you can create a white UI allowing for maximum light when using your flashlight.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.11.03 AM

Thanks for the illuminating tips.


Tip 7: One weapon to rule them all!

Only carry one weapon of choice to the ammo type. The captains also urge you to find a gun you are comfortable with, and ensure that only one type of gun uses a type of ammo.



Covered in Episode 45: Shitting on He-Man

The Captain’s step out of the vault once again to express their undying love for everything Fallout 4.


  • Taken from Podcast Minutes: 19min:37sec


TIP 8: Moving Mountains.

When in Build mode click and hold the X (PS4 Controls) to select more than one building, structure or feature. This will allow you to move full buildings and place them wherever you want. This also allows you to place structures in places you couldn’t before. Think of the all the possibilities, the Captains sure are!


Tip 9: Bringing Sexy Back, Local Leader perk.

Under the Charisma band in the glorious Fallout 4 perk system, select the perk Local Leader. The description reads; “It is now possible to assign settlers to create supply lines between settlements. These will link resources and inventories between the two settlements.”. This essentially boils down to giving you the ability to utilize materials collected at one settlement at another! Keep Building, keep surviving. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.13.17 AM



Covered in Episode 46: Drinking, Masturbating and Shooting Heroin 

The Captains continue to dote on the success and the dynamic experience of Fallout 4 (official game of Talkingship) and Nerves swears off all other “non-Fallout 4” games in the future.

  • Taken from Podcast Minutes: 1hr:07min:42sec


Tip 10: Weaving the Web of Destruction

Although not confirmed, Jitterbug heard that after completing the Railroad side missions you will get the opportunity to modify normal clothes, allowing them to impact clothing positively in the game. So don’t throw away that silky red dress and mascot head. Modify them with ballistic fibers and be the sexiest machine of destruction that the wasteland has ever seen.

Tip 11: Got wood?

If you are having a hard time keeping wood, make sure you check out Diamond City’s only Baseball paraphernalia salesman Moe, to pick up all the wood you can carry. Next door visit Arturo for all the Aluminum you need. Still needing more wood, visit Abernathy farms and talk with Connie Abernathy to get more!

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.17.34 AM
Well that’s it for our tips.

But check in often as we will continue to update this page with the hottest tips from the Talkingship Facebook Page. If you have tips, join the FB community or email us at with your Fallout 4 related tip, fan fiction and erotic photos of Mr. Handy.