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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | April 2, 2020

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Mr. Kite’s Glass Onion 1: The most un-sung, actually good, The Beatles Covers.

Hey there. El Mariachi here. I know I have been a bit of a Mean Mr. Mustard lately and haven’t posted in a while. This boy has been  Across the Universe and back but finally decided to start fixing a hole and start writing for you, beatiful people.

All together now, hit the jump button

(I promise. Next time my puns will be better. Help! is needed for better writing).


I am pretty sure you have heard of The Beatles perhaps the most famous and most revolutionary band of recent history. i won’t bore you with their history (Watch Anthology, Best $70 bucks you’ll ever spend, I swear). Their music and their lyrics will always stand the test of time and their music has influenced plenty, plenty of artists of any form.

For this delivery of the Mr. K’s Onion, I’ll show my actual favorite covers of Beatles songs. They all are different. And offer something new.

Strawberry Hills Forever – Fabulosos Cadillacs ft. Debbie Harry (from Blondie)

Tell me why:

What if the Beatles played Slow Ska? Pretty much this answers the question. Not the best vocals (Debbie Harry could use a bit more tuning) but the trumpet solos makes up for it.

The Pixies – Honey Pie

Tell me why:

I mean, listen to it. It feels it was meant for the pixies to do it. They took one of the weirder cuts of the white album and turned it into something so energetic and psychedelic it makes you want to shout your head off everytime you get to the chorus…which repeats constantly.

Echo and The Bunnymen – Ticket to Ride.

Tell me why:

While it doesn’t change much, the effect of the instruments gives a refreshing new wave feel. Ringo would be proud.

Tom Petty, Prince , Dhanni Harrison – While my Guitar Gently Weeps

Tell me why:

The Guitar Anthem by Excellence. While it isn’t exactly a “cover” (it was played when George Harrison was inducted into the Rock N Roll Half of fame) it just is fucking amazing. Prince taking the stage and shredding the guitar at the end makes your jaw drop.

Elliot Smith  – Because

Tell me why:

Not to sound like a crazy fan girl, but Elliot Smith is amazing. You can feel his emotions clearly in every song he makes. The first minute of the song is just blank harmonies. No background music. Just beauty. Just someone amazed at the world and amazed with love.


So what do you think? Any more suggestions? Post them on the comments (either here or on facebook!, we have a group!


Also wait for next week, same Beat Time, Same Beat Day, for a dose of Rarities and which you should consider getting (and which are complete cash grabs)