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Talkingship – Video Games, Movies, Music & Laughs | May 23, 2019

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Posts By Jitterbug

Fotoshop by Adobé

November 14, 2013 |

We all know that actresses and models are photoshopped like crazy, but it’s good to get a reminder like this from time to time. Really well done fake commercial.

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Gwar Plays Kinect

November 12, 2013 |

What the hell more needs to be said about this video than what the title already explained? Gwar plays Dance Central and other games on the 360 with the Kinect – watch it.

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Coolest Damn Thing of the Day

November 11, 2013 |

It doesn’t matter what you have to say, or what supposed accomplishments you think you made today. It’s all bullshit. Because this exists, and you didn’t make it.

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Amanda Palmer Kicks Ass!

November 5, 2013 | 1

Here’s a preview of who I’ll be talking about on the next episode of Talkingship. Amanda Palmer is a badass for too many reasons to list here. So I’ll just start with this NSFW (it’s bloody) video for an incredible … Read More

Flagship # 174 – Butthole Cocktails

October 29, 2013 |

Jitterbug and Nerves get together to debate the virtues of putting alcohol directly into your anus. Welcome back on board!

Download the show HERE




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TRAILER – X-Men: Days of Future Past

October 29, 2013 |

Here it is, the trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past. And this time it’s the real thing, and not just a phone-camera’s secret recording of the first ten seconds. Enjoy it!

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Medieval Land Fun-Time World

October 29, 2013 |

Bad Lip Reading continues to be one of the best things on Youtube (even despite how they did that horrible McDonalds Might Wings commercial).

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Ghostbusters – Homemade Movies

October 28, 2013 |

This is just plain impressive. I’d happily watch an entire movie of this.

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Flagship # 173 – Thundercats vs Pornography

October 3, 2013 |

Nerves and Jitterbug debate the validity of 80’s youth versus the power of internet pornography, among other things. Buckle yourselves in for another trip through choppy waters!

You can download yourself some audio goodness right HERE!


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General Assholery – My Take On It

September 30, 2013 |

I thought it would be worth taking a moment to address some of the controversy that’s been stirred up in the videogame world about a recent article on this site and awards that were handed out at the Eurogamer Expo … Read More