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Rebuild 2 – Strategy Guide part 2

In part 1 of this strategy guide, I went over the basics of Rebuild 2. In this part I will reveal SPOILERS about each of the endings and how to achieve them.  The endings of Rebuild 2 each have a cinematic that is worth seeing, and if you don’t want to play the game to find them then you can watch them below.

[rokbox title="Rebuild 2 Endings" thumb="" size="854 505" album="demo"][/rokbox]

These guys will get worse and worse

ENDING – Embrace Zombieism: This subplot kicks off early in the game when you are given the option of banning a book that seems to suggest that zombieism is a GOOD thing.  As discussed in part one, choosing not to ban the book gives you a 10% boost in happiness and doesn’t seem to have any negative side effects.  The second time this option is brought up is a bit dicier as the author of the original book has finished their second one and is now interested in opening a church to preach their insane gospel in.

Allowing the author to open a church means that you are going to lose a survivor for good, although you’re still going to have to feed them. That’s why I usually choose to tell them no, which leads to the author shrugging their shoulders and giving up on this subplot.  No harm no foul.  Choosing to allow the church to be built gives you another 10% happiness bonus and allows this subplot to move forward.

If you allow them to build the church, soon they will request 30 food to throw a Dia De Los Muertos party.  This is a massive request, and can seriously drain your food stores, but doing so will give you a 10% increase in happiness.  Choosing not to give them food will incite them to sit back and wait until they are ready to ask again.

Having this church of zombie worshipers around (what would zombie Jesus do?) isn’t so bad at first.  In fact, you’ll get a happiness bonus here and there as the pastor continues preaching.  But don’t be lulled into thinking these guys are going to be a good thing for your city.  There are bad things on the horizon for these folks.

The end is nigh

There is a large, two square graveyard on the map, and when you take it over the Church of the Chosen Ones will be very happy. Usually it is around this time that they will turn one of your former, single square graveyards that you have reclaimed into a church.  This is where things start to go downhill.  You get a 5% boost in happiness, but everyone decides to take a day off to celebrate, meaning that you can’t get anything done that day.  Get used to this, because it’s about to start happening a lot.

Dissenters begin to appear, claiming that the Church of the Chosen Ones is bad news.  You get the option to punish them for their dissension, and doing so will end up killing them.  Once they are gone, there’s no stopping the church!  If you don’t punish them, you will be told that the pastor says it’s good to wait and see what happens.

Either way, the church is going to be nothing but trouble here on out… game ending trouble.  Your survivors will begin to leap from the walls, offering themselves to the zombies, and your numbers will begin to dwindle.  More and more days will be tied up with celebrations, and the impending destruction of your town will begin to become apparent.  Allowing these zealots to thrive ends up being a game ending decision.  But it doesn’t seem all that bad, because every time your character talks about what is going on it is in the happiest manner imaginable.  It seems like you are happy to die.

Your last chance to survive is when The Riffs show up along with a few dissenters to try and convince you to overthrow the church.  Choosing to put a stop to the cult will end up causing some of your survivors to commit suicide, but the alternate is far worse.  If you keep the church in place you are going to “complete” the game, so to speak.  There is no point trying to avoid the crushing doom that is headed your way as more and more of your survivors leap from the walls to their death.  Just keep clicking End Day until the ending screen comes. Congratulations, you’ve finished the game… However, this is the only ending from which you can not continue playing, you know – since you’re dead.

Pain in the ass weirdo

ENDING – Scientists Find The Cure (The Scientist’s Ending): At some point in your game, a mysterious scientist is going to show up at your gate asking to be let in. Choosing not to let him in is going to lead to an attack later on where a mysterious person bombs your city, destroying several blocks, so it’s best just to let him in (there are other ways in which part of your city can be bombed as well). Once he is in, he’s going to run to the nearest Laboratory and lock the door, meaning that you lose that lab for good and have to feed a new, useless (for now) survivor.

A few days later, the scientist will appear from his lab and demand an assistant. One of your survivors will offer their help, and if you allow them to go they will disappear forever, taking away a much needed extra hand.  If you refuse, he will scream at you and retreat to his lab again.  You’ll get one more chance later in the game to give him the assistant he asks for.  If you don’t comply it will end this subplot and take away your chance to create a cure for zombieism.

Once he has his assistant, the scientist will ask you to send some of your people out in front of an approaching zombie horde.  The next time an approaching horde is about to attack your city (represented by the moving hazard sign on the map), simply send a survivor onto a mission in a square in their path.  When the horde advances over that square it will cancel the mission, but will give the scientist the information he requires.  It seems that the zombies have some sort of hierarchy!  The smarter zombies are sending the weaker ones in first.

The Cure ending

Another thing that might happen during your game is that one of your dogs die while on a mission.  The scientist will ask if he can have the dead body.  Saying yes will cause your city to lose 5% happiness as the scientist will bring the dog’s head back to life as a zombie.

The Mad Scientist will sit in his lab and wait, providing you with nothing other than another mouth to feed until after you have completed the lab research for a zombie anti-venom.  Then, all of the sudden, he perks back up in excitement.  The next day there will be an explosion at his plant that kills both him and his assistant.  You’ll get the choice of whether or not you want to investigate.  If you choose not to, you will still have the opportunity to do it later simply by clicking on the destroyed lab.

Dr. Bryukhonenko, the Mad Scientist, was working on live Zed inside of his lab.  They got out and killed him and his assistant, but your team is able to gather his research together provided you can complete the quest.  Unfortunately, the research is in Russian, and it’s going to take you a while to decipher it.

Once the Doctor’s research is deciphered you will realize that he was working on the cure for zombieism!  You can choose whether or not you want to continue his research.  Saying no will just put it off for the time being, allowing you to start the mission at any time from one of your laboratories.

This is an end game mission, and just like the others, once you start it will initiate endless waves of zombie hordes.  So make sure you’re ready for them when they come.  If you have enough competent scientists on your crew then you can whittle down the time it takes to complete this mission to as little as 10 days.  If you can survive, you’ll be able to save the world by curing zombieism!

The Last Judgement ending

ENDING – Defeat The Last Judgement Gang (The Soldier’s Ending): Throughout your game you will be plagued by a gang of miscreants that will attack your city and attempt to steal your food. While you are scouting, a random square will initiate a dialogue where one of your people will see the gang and ask if they should try to follow them back to their base. There is no good reason to not allow them to do this as there is never any danger to it. Allowing them to find the gang’s base can lead to one of the different endings to the game, so go ahead and let them go.

Alternatively, there is a gang out there called The Riffs that do nothing but help out throughout the game.  They will show up from time to time and kill zombies along your city’s perimeter and will also play a part in helping you defeat the Last Judgement Gang when the time comes.  You can also make sure The Riffs like you by choosing to create a zombie fighting match in the first Police Station that you reclaim (see the Tips and Tricks section at the end of this guide for a good tip on how to capitalize upon this fight).

During your game, a woman will approach your gates that has escaped from the The Last Judgement gang.  If you offer her 3 food, she will tell you her story about having lived with their leader, Father Kane.  While there is no indication doing this will help you, it’s a fair bet that being kind to her will help you take down The Last Judgement gang when the time comes, so you might as well give her the 3 food.

It’s also possible that you will get contacted by radio, after you create one in the lab, by a woman from the Last Judgement Gang that wants to defect and join your city.  You get the choice of sending someone out to rescue her.  If you agree to, it will allow you to start a rescue mission from any of your defensive buildings.  The mission lasts two days, and when you complete it you will have another survivor in your city.

When you are ready to take on the Last Judgement gang, you will be given the opportunity to ask The Riffs for help. Once securing their help, you’ll be ready to take on those evil raiders. This will require you to send out several of your best fighters, and will also unfortunately set off a series of relentless zombie attacks! Make sure you’re ready for the fight before you head out.

When you complete the Soldier’s ending you will be rewarded with 5 more survivors if you choose to continue playing the game. You’ll need to make some room for these guys!

The helicopter ending

ENDING – Escape By Helicopter (The Builder’s Ending): One of the ways you can end the game is to find the helipad on the map.  Not only can you win the game by finding it and going through the plot to fix it, but finishing this quest will allow you to take 5 survivors to a brand new city to start the game over again.  This is the best way to beat the game on the Impossible setting, and it is always something I go for.

If you are planning on trying to get all of the endings of the game in one playthrough, you should start with the helicopter ending.  The Helipad is normally located to the upper right of the map, and once you get this ending every tile on the map will be revealed to you as if it was scouted, making the rest of the game much easier.

As soon as you reclaim the Helipad, someone is going to secretly set fire to it, destroying the helicopter.  This means that in order to complete the game using this square you are going to need to collect the tools to fix the helicopter.  Scavenge police stations and shopping malls and eventually the parts will pop up.

The people of your city are going to be bloodthirsty after the helicopter is destroyed.  Eventually they will pin their suspicions on one of your survivors and demand to interrogate them.  If you let this happen, the over-zealous survivors will kill the suspect, and no one will be certain if they actually had anything to do with the explosion.  Choosing to do nothing just gives you a message that you will be keeping your eye on them.

One of your survivors is going to be set upon spending their days reading books.  Once this option comes up, you can tell them to focus on reading helicopter repair manuals instead, which will get you closer to finally repairing that destroyed helicopter and finishing the game.  If you choose not to let them read the manuals, and you haven’t put a stop to the Zombie Worshipers, then she will begin reading books about voodoo rituals.

A survivor will get the crazy idea to use the helicopter’s fuel to build a flame thrower.  Doing this will be a set back to finally getting the helicopter working, but it will destroy several zombies on the outskirts of your city.  I would suggest avoiding making the flame thrower unless you are in desperate need of thinning the zombie ranks.

Gustav will show up eventually, and this time he wants some of your spare electronics.  He offers you either parts for the helicopter or the cure to Zombieism!  The game pushes you towards the cure option, but choosing this will end up in disappointment as it seems that he is shilling maple syrup!  Choose the helicopter parts.

After all of this you will finally be given the chance to complete the game using the helicopter.  You need to fix it, and it’s going to take a lot of builder talent to do it.  You’re going to need to set a lot of builders to the task, and you are also going to have to make sure to keep your city well defended, because as soon as you start fixing the copter, the streets will fill with zombie hordes!  It will be a never ending barrage of attacks until that helicopter is finished, so make sure you’re ready for it!

If you continue playing after getting the Helicopter ending, you will be able to take 5 survivors away from this city and start a whole new map!  Also, once you get the helicopter off the ground, every unscouted square on the map will be revealed.

The Constitution ending

ENDING – Draft a New Constitution (The Leader’s Ending): Another ending to rebuild 2 is accomplished by taking over a certain number of squares and then ratifying a constitution.  After gathering up enough spaces, a requirement that increases the larger map you chose to take on at the beginning of the game, you will be asked if you want to locate the City Hall.  You will need to reclaim this square as well in order to set up your new government.

This ending can take a very long time to achieve if you chose a huge map.  On the huge map level you will need to lock down 75 squares before you will even be able to start this end game plot, and if you haven’t managed to get close to the City Hall yet, that means you are still going to need to work you way over there.  Sometimes the subway system can provide a quick route, but not always.

Once you have the requisite number of squares and you have secured the City Hall, you can initiate the ending sequence.  Click on the City Hall and choose to Draft a Constitution.  The better leaders you have, the easier this quest will be to complete.  Just like all of the other endings, this is going to initiate wave after wave of zombie horde attacks, so make sure you’re ready for it.  If you can handle it, you’ll be able to set up a new government and save your world from catastrophe.

The world has ended... better luck next time!

LOSING THE GAME: There are different ways to lose in Rebuild, the most obvious of which is to get eaten by zombies.  The zombie horde can be a hard force to overcome, especially if your city is dealing with other problems at the same time.  If your city is revolting and your food stores are drained, the zombie attacks will seem to come one after another, each time threatening to make matters even worse.  Once things start to fall apart, the end can come very quickly.  When the walls fall down around you, the zombies will rush in and leave you laying in the grass, getting your eyes pecked out by crows.

There can also be massive revolts against you if the happiness of your people gets too low.  This can happen from allowing people to start dying from starvation, or if enough zombie attacks end up getting through and harming the people of your city.

There have been several times where I was playing a game, thinking that I was doing well, when a couple unlucky nights ended up leaving me reeling to get things back under control.  Sometimes it is obvious that your game isn’t going well, but other times your failure will sneak up on you out of nowhere, taking what you thought was a good game and utterly demolishing it in just a couple turns.

All in all, Rebuild 2 is one of the best flash based games available.  It provides endless fun, and deserves a lot more attention than it gets (and it gets a lot!)  Congratulations to Sarah Northway for creating what is one of my most pleasant addictions.

TIPS AND TRICKS: Finally, here are a few tips and tricks that I’ve picked up after playing the game for a while.  If you have discovered any cool tricks in the game, or have some tips that you haven’t seen me mention, please let me know at

Double police station! Easy bonus time.

POLICE STATION HAPPINESS MULTI-BONUS: The very first time you clear a police station of zombies, you will get the option to cage some zombies and watch them fight one another.  Doing so will give you a 10% happiness increase, but this will only happen once in the game.  However, if you clear out multiple police stations at the same time, you will get this bonus for each of the stations you clear, as long as you haven’t already gotten this bonus earlier.  This is a great way to dramatically increase the overall happiness of your city early in the game.  Simply avoid clearing any police stations until several of them are surrounding you, then initiate the Kill Zombies action on all of them at the same time. Two turns later you will get a huge happiness bonus!

MAXING STATS: Rebuild 2 makes your life easier when assigning survivors to missions by listing them in order of who would be most likely to succeed.  This can be a detriment if you aren’t careful since it will lead you to always assign the same few people to the same sorts of missions.  It’s great to have a survivor that has achieved level 10 in a stat, but it’s better to have a survivor that’s level 10 in ALL of them!

When assigning people to tasks, remember that sending them on it will give that survivor a 0.5 bonus to the stat that the mission focuses on.  So, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, send a TON of people onto a mission and all of them will get a 0.5 bonus!  You can also send folks to school, where they will get a 1 point bonus after learning for 2 days, but this is really only useful for the Science skill, since that skill can take a long time to increase in science based missions.  With all of the other skills, you can get the 0.5 bonus in one day’s time (2 days with the Soldier skill, but I rarely have an issue getting people up to par in that skill) and not have any survivors tied up in useless schooling.

Mooch the Cat

THE GAMBLER and MOOCH THE CAT: Gustav will bring by a gambler at some point during your game.  In order to play, you have to put up 10 food.  If you win, you get 10 food, if not you lose 10.  Pretty simple, and seemingly useless.  However, if you beat the gambler enough times he will complain that he has lost everything he has, and now he doesn’t even have enough food left over to feed his cat, Mooch (the cat’s name may change in different games). He gives the cat to you and leaves dejected.

Mooch the cat gives you a 0.5 bonus in Science, Scavenging, Leadership, and Building, and he appears on your characters shoulder in what is clearly the cutest equipment picture in the game.  Mooch isn’t available any other way, so you might as well get him here!

THE SUBWAY CONNECTION: There are two tiles on your map called Subway that connect to one another.  When you reclaim one, you are given the chance to reclaim the other one for free.  This can provide you with the only opportunity in the game to have two separate areas that haven’t been connected by other reclaimed spaces.  This is a very useful section and can help you get to some important buildings that you might not otherwise have been able to get to easily. However, be cautious when taking over the second subway because it will add another four squares of zombie infested territory that will begin attacking you!  If you are already having problems with the Zombie Horde breaking down your walls, don’t take over the subway until you have things under control.

100% CITY COMPLETION: After getting most of the endings (with the exception of the Church of the Chosen Ones) you can choose to continue playing the game in your city. This is a good way to go out and see some of the endings that you might have otherwise missed, and it might also entice you to see what happens if you take over every single square in your city.  Unfortunately, there is no special reward for doing this, so don’t bother.

LADIES FOR ROCKET LAUNCHERS: If you partake in Gustav’s Love Caravan enough times, he’ll eventually become interested in one of the ladies in your city.  He will offer you two Rocket Launchers in exchange for this woman.  This might seem a bit unsavory, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a negative to taking him up on this offer!  You will get a slight happiness negative, but Rocket Launchers are by far the best equipment in the game, and finding one through scavenging is extremely rare.  To get two of them here is pretty enticing! UPDATE – Actually, if you decide to take Gustav up on his offer, your city will get bombed at a later point in the game, destroying several squares that you had formerly reclaimed.

BEATING IT ON IMPOSSIBLE: The best way to beat the game on the Impossible setting is to start off your game as well as possible.  To do this, start a game on an easier difficulty, and make your way to the Helipad.  Focus on strengthening your characters as much as possible, and focus on completing the Helicopter Ending so that you can then transfer your five best characters to an Impossible map.  Before you leave, make sure to train the five people you are taking as much as possible and equip them with the best items you have.  I like to name the five people simply a, b, c, d, and e, which makes it easy to pick them out of your list (you can always change their names later).  Once you are happy with their skill levels and their equipment, SAVE YOUR GAME.  Use one of the three save slots to save this city with these character in it, then go ahead and fly to a new city.  This way, if things go sour on you in your new city, you can revert to your old save and take these five super powered characters back to a new city.

STRENGTHENING YOUR BORDERS: One of the most effective ways to create a safe city is to work your way over to a border of the city, and then start working your way along it.  When you control a border square, there is much less chance that zombies will mass around that area since it is naturally blocked off.  Another neat trick is to build your city along the edges of two square sections like Big Farms and Shopping Malls without taking them.  If you can secure the areas near them, then they will only ever become as dangerous as any other single square section can.  Doing this can help to secure a safer city.

Finally, if zombie games are a favorite of yours, make sure to check out our article on how to make the greatest zombie game of all time!

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  • Joska

    For the helicopter ending: leaving the suspected saboteur alive may actually has it’s consequences – altrough I can’t be completely sure if it is really triggered by that, becouse this occured me only once. Some time after I decided not to take action, someone blew a hole in the wall and I lost a pretty large area. Describing the event the leader mentions that the saboteur must be the same person as the one who sabotaged the helicopter.
    Also, I’m not sure if these things have anything to to with this, but might worth to mention that by this time I had the zombie lovers church well established. Also I did the tradeing for the rocket luchers, but I don’t think this would be that bombardment event you mantioned.

  • Jitterbug

    It seems like there are three different things that can trigger the bombing, doing any of these will trigger it, but you might get a different hint as to who was responsible:
    1 – Not letting the scientist into your city.
    2 – Trading rocket launchers for a woman
    3 – Leaving the saboteur alive

  • http://N/A Jonathan Kline

    Piece of advice on tips and tricks… you can send your guys into the new city with equipment. The BEST mix I’ve found is 2 toolboxes and your 3 strongest weapons. When you recruit a single person, give them the toolbox, so you can now reclaim in 1 turn with the new guy and an uber-person. This frees up an uber-person for a turn, and is very worth it at all difficulty levels. The other one I considered was leadership, so the other people could fill in a recruiting to 95% for real, but I wanted offense much more than 10% success.

  • John Connor

    Try getting your people to skill 9 before taking the helicopter. Then when you become level 10, all the people in camp will get the bonus.

  • Sindarin8

    TIPS: (1) Invincible Builders: Keeping the number of nearby zombies in neighbouring areas low is critical to reduce the threat level. Only Hoards can break through missions, therefore; instead of Reclaiming areas quickly, put an unskilled builder on it for 5 days. On the fifth day; cancel and restart the building mission. Your borders will remain zombie free until hoards show up. When you are ready to expand, slay the zombies beyond the already cleared ones and then expand. It will likely cost a lot of people to cover your whole border, so use this strategically and hold off the more zombie infested areas. (2) Divide and, uh, well, they die: when you surround an area with zombies without slaying them, they will slowly die over time (maybe 1 zombie/day). Using the subway, I surrounded about a quarter of the map off from the edge of the world. This prevented those zones from gaining more zombies and they actually started to die off! :) An amazing advantage, early on. (3) Schoolhouse Blues: NEVER build schools because you can’t convert them to anything else afterwards and there are plenty on the map if you ever even use them. I only used them to train my Uber Settlers for starting a huge, impossible game. (4) The Best Defense — Wins!: Building Defenses at Malls/Marts is very handy. Using this with the Invincible Builder is amazing! Often, I was able to defend attacks with no one on duty because my defenses were high and my total nearby zombies were low. (5) Time’s a’Wastin’: Early on, don’t bother reclaiming graveyards, they’re absolutely useless. Use the invincible builder to keep zombies away, instead. Alright, now get out there and kick some zombie butt!

  • jostifrank

    i gambled several time’s all of them just clicking again and again without paying attention and i think you will almost always end up with more food and the kitten

  • Fropps

    Does anyone know what happens if you get the “house on the hill” ending, it’s only for the iPad version.

  • guest

    hordes can not spawn next to you. there fore if you fill in the map with small gaps, they are harmeless

  • Sanguine Killer

    Found a glitch… No matter which map you choose u can move the play screen of the map forever…… Still. It’s an amazing game.

  • Sanguine Killer

    One of my survivors (who was accused of the bombing of the heliport) was mysteriously bitten by a zombie… It said they found him in the subway eating the rats!……. um any explanation??? Please, and thank you

  • Justinian2

    The rocket launchers and saboteur both cause the same bombardment event, also caused by denying the mad scientist entry into your area.

  • TurtleGod

    I believe that is the Cabin ending and I think it’s where you store food away in your uncle’s cabin all for yourself? I’m not quite sure. I can’t test it out, though.