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Default right now depends on holding the title

wwe tlc 2012 live WWE fans should not miss a single second of the company's 2012 pay-per-view finale, TLC: Tables, Laders and Chairs. This event is filled from top to bottom with captivating matches and the most talented wrestlers in the business today and is a must-see event for every single wrestling fan out there. This is easily the most enticing match on the card. satellite awards 2012 live stream Though CM Punk is nursing a knee injury following emergency surgery and he'll certainly be missed, as he is arguably the most complete wrestler in the world today, fans have been saved from a predictable match with Ryback. Instead, we'll be treated to the in-ring debut of The Shield's young wwe tlc 2012 live and highly talented superstars. We already know what Ryback and Team Hell No have to offer, and now we'll get to see what The Shield brings to the table. This is Ziggler's big break. After losing to Cena twice on Raw the past few weeks, Ziggler will finally capture the biggest victory of his career. satellite awards 2012 live stream Once you defeat Cena, you know you're going on to bigger and better things. The Show Off is the most entertaining in-ring performer in the business today and will likely have the crowd split on Sunday, not because of fans' hatred towards Cena, but because Ziggler is that talented. wwe tlc 2012 live Cena has been very attentive of A.J., and after Raw last Monday, it's evident A.J. is as unstable as ever.In an attempt to help her "man," A.J. will end up being more of a distraction than anything else, which will allow Ziggler to retain the Money in the Bank briefcase. Sheamus and Big Show, despite what many think, satellite awards 2012 live have been on two great pay-per-view matches and will do so again at TLC. The continuity within this storyline has been refreshing. As much as I would like to see Sheamus recapture the title, Big Show has been rejuvenated since October and deserves a longer run with the title. wwe tlc 2012 live stream Most will agree that Wade Barrett is just biding his time until he becomes world champion. This is currently a holdover feud for him, albeit an entertaining one. Expect a great encounter here, as both are highly skilled in-ring performers, but Barrett needs to ultimately set his sights on the world title and the Royal Rumble, satellite awards 2012 live so Kingston catching Barrett in the end with the Trouble in Paradise to retain the midcard title makes sense here. Cesaro and Truth have already put on a solid contest before on pay-per-view and will do so again. Cesaro has more upside here with the United States championship, and his character right now depends on holding the title. wwe tlc 2012 live stream Expect a physical encounter, with Cesaro retaining. It has been evident that Rhodes Scholars will win this contest since it was made official on Raw this past Monday. Cody Rhodes returned ahead of schedule after suffering an injury during the team's last matchup with Team Hell No. satellite awards 2012 live The storyline is clearly there, and it is still intriguing for WWE fans. Expect an exciting matchup, but the heels take this one. TLC 2012 Live stream Most of the above stars on the agenda are already bound in; however, there is affluence of upper-midcard aptitude and even lower-card stars who deserve to participate in the TLC pay-per-view. wwe tlc 2012 live stream Whether or not the WWE will in fact use all of its assets to its advantage charcoal to be seen, but it would be asinine not to. Since there are 5 matches in abode currently, there apparently will not be added than three or four added, satellite awards 2012 live stream including a pre-show contest, but in the absorption of featuring a somewhat annular number, actuality are 5 bouts that should be advised for the TLC agenda as anon as possible. wwe tlc 2012 live
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