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Whatcha Drinking? Tell us about your drink of choice.

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Default and is with the policy continue to encourage

Letters from the general stock picking on the industry is "345"! "3" is the "three lows" transformation shares "4" is the "four new" industry lots wholesale shares,lots wholesale, "5" represents "five" sunrise industry, where "3" is the emphasis on "low (10 yuan), underestimate the value (total market value of less than the actual value of the stock), low market value (less 20 billion market capitalization) "in transition (from traditional industries into new industries, a sunrise industry) shares, which is" 345 "in the" 4 " "5" premise, the lack of a "3", will make their own investment loss of protection.
Planning policy reflects the 12.5, 12.5 emphasis on planning the transformation of economic growth, to rely on the expense of environmental interests, the interests of the expense of resources, the expense of high-energy way to stimulate economic growth and gradually switch to low carbon, low power, low input, high growth new industry to go. This is a great idea, not only in the actual situation of China's economy is also consistent with the pattern of world economic development.
National Day 2010, the private capital, industrial capital have increased opportunities for industrial transformation and the layout,louis vuitton outlet, the same in the A-share market, the big money, big main area of ​​deep excavation in the transition, the layout of the potential share of different industries, as nearly a period of investment highlights. This evidence suffices to mac cosmetics show that industrial transformation and a great chance to make money on investment shares, and is with the policy continue to encourage, foster the continuous increase and more should be optimistic about..Early 2011 to the present, what is the stock adjustment most? There is no doubt, is the obvious advantage of the stock of innovation, including corporate stock valuations are too high.
Nineties,mac cosmetics, Mr. Deng Xiaoping's phrase "science and technology are primary productive forces," the great call to join the technology sector benefited from a Prescription Eyeglasses substantial investor, I believe a lot of people to "stock with the party," "stocks with the policy is" deep understanding. Similarly, access to the full circulation times, A shares is more focused on investment opportunities in the policy route.
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