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I've only regretted buying two games. Being a teenager with not much money, I've been forced to choose my games carefully. I do my research and I'm set to go.

The first one was Street Fighter 4. I picked it up because I LOVE everything having to with Street Fighter video games. I didn't even research this one because it's Street Fighter. I played it for a while and it sucked. Even knowing combos and such, the arcade mode was way to difficult to do, even on the lowest setting. The online was glitchy and everyone picked Ken. I traded it back using the 7-day GameStop policy and picked up Fallout 3 instead. Haven't regretted that one.

The second is Brutal Legend. I like Tim Schafer and I like his games. Brutal Legend, however, was a ball of crap wrapped in great music, voice acting, and a thinly veiled gameplay lie. I used it to fund my purchase of Final Fantasy XIII.

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