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I talked to a lady at Microsoft and she was suprisingly helpful she took a look at my account and told me that the games were purchased from, apparently this has been happening quite a bit as of late so be warned(I believe the samething happened to DogDies of the Brown show a few months ago). Anyways the hackers got into my email and got to my xbox account because they are linked together.

My better judgement ended up getting the best of me shortly after I posted this and I deleted them all off my hard drive without ever playing any of the games.

Probably the worse thing about this whole situation is that my xbox live account has been suspended while they are doing the investigation(3-6 weeks) and it can take 5-10 weeks to get my points back.

Now I was lucky in this case that I had points on my account but more times than not the hackers just use the owners credit card so I HIGHLY recommend that you all change your email password on a regular basis whether its every 3 days like mine now is or once a month because according to the lady I talked to at Microsoft and what I read online over the last couple days that is the main way the hackers get to you xbox account.
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