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Default A great evening in the army

First off I just want to say, holy shit nobody parties like these fucking people in AIT (Advanced Individual Training). But last night was nice we went to Hooters where the lovely waitress was apparently impressed enough by love of beer to not card me. So I decided to take full, full advantage of this and I put down a shit load of beer and here is the list...
1. Yeungling lager
2. Killian's Irish Red
3. Angry Orchard (very fruity)
4. Star Hill

Not a bad little list for my first of three straight nights partying. There will be more to come in the next two days
Originally Posted by Farva View Post
I watch my football in HD. I can see every scar on the players, and every make-up covered poc-mark on the face of the sideline reporters. I would have to believe that if I watched a porno in Blu-ray, I'd find myself noticing that pre-cancerous looking mole on that third girl from the left. I just want to see fake bouncing tits, not the surgical scars that put them there.
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