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Originally Posted by Gingerboy507 View Post
Yesterday I was given a 4000 microsoft point card for Christmas and this morning I turned on my xbox and somebody hacked my account and spent all my points. I talked to microsoft and they know my account was hacked and said I should get my points back soon. My qeustion is though, all the games that were purchased are still on my hard drive and I don't know if I should report/delete them or keep the games and play them. What should I do?
Kinda hard for them to be on your hard drive if they where not downloaded from your console.

Still, do not play them, touch them or open them. MS will remove them from your DL list and reconstitute the points to you.

If someone hacked your account (brother, cousin, sister, family, etc) then there is nothing they can do.

IF MS say they know about it, just let it be and delete.
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