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Nipples has proven to be a well liked and respected member of the ship.Nipples has proven to be a well liked and respected member of the ship.

The first time I played Silent Hill... I was literally up all night and into the next morning... little did I notice that every one had left me to myself and took off to town to run some errands. I take a quick piss break from the game and notice that it looks eerily creepy this morning, dark/gray overcast and foggy as shit outside... After my piss break and a stop for some munchies I noticed that there was no one in the house anymore and that outside the window the fog off the lake rolled in super thick... right when I step outside to see if anyone's car was there I noticed that there wasn't a damn car on the entire block of what I could barely see... and that is right when the City of Hammond decided to do their weekly test of the Tornado/Air Raid sirens!!!

I nearly crapped myself thinking that the damn game somehow fucking merged into my world!!!

(o) (o)

Originally Posted by Muttonchop
Therefore, in conclusion, you have just created a paradox which will rip the world in two, resulting in the entire shit show being sucked into a black hole, leading us to an ass backwards world full of Time Traveling Trannies...
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