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This is gonna be a long story and I apolgize for that but I think you guys will get a kick out of this.

Last April my 3 roommates and I were throwing a bachelor party for our friend Billy at our house and the 4 of us went out and bought like 10 cases of Coors, 2 bottles of Jager and lots of Vodka and Orange Juice.

So anyways, we spent the whole day cleaning and making food and ended up having everything set up like 3 hours before the party and we had set up a few beer pong tables and decided to play a few games. Fast foward over 2 hours later and about 20 minutes before the guest were to arrive we've realized between the 6 of us there we had drank over 6 cases of Coors and were completely trashed and we had at least 20 people showing up and so when the guest arrived the 6 of us decided to switch to Screwdrivers(Vodka and OJ) to make the beer last longer, terrible idea.

So after about 5 hours of nonstop Beer Pong, Poker(betting with shots instead of money), playing Super Smash Bros. on N64 and eating Nachos all while drinking Screw Drivers, someone decided we should all go play Laser Tag at a arcade that was a 30 minute drive away.

So we all decide who is the soberest(is that a word?)to drive and we split the at least 20 people amoung 4 cars and I hop in shotgun while my roommate Jon is driving and my friend Brandon with a big bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand is sitting in the back along with a couple other people. So sometime has passed and Brandon has to piss real bad and can't hold it anymore and we are on the interstate with cars everywhere, so Brandon rolls down the window and leans out with a cigrette in his mouth and the bottle of jack in one hand and starts peeing. So I'm looking around looking out for cops when I realize that the car behind us has it's windshield wipers on and I think "that's odd it's a beautiful night out" when I see the stream of Brandon's piss flying back at the car. It's a bunch of 20 something guys and their yelling at us so they follow us off the interstate and we our on one of the busiest streets in town on a Saturday night stopped at a red light and the guys are still right behind us yelling shit at us wanting us to pull over so what do I do stopped at a red light surrounded by cars, I hop out the car without my pants on and my ass hanging out and walk to the back of our car and just stand there so they could just look at my sexy ass for what felt like ages and when the light turned green I ran into the car bare ass and we drove straight and they went left never to been seen again.

So FINALLY we arrive at the arcade and all pay for laser tag but we have a 30 minute wait and so we decide to walk around the arcade to kill time when we all find a pack of like 10 people surronding the DDR machine watching these 2 really nerding looking kids play and all of us are amazed in our drunken stupor how talented these kids are. So after they finished the round the kid that won randomly looks at me in the crowd of people and challenges me for some reason to a "duel of dance" his words not mine, so me having never played DDR before drunk as hell feeling cocky start talking shit and accept his challenge. Needless to say the kid won in what can only be called a epic "duel of dance" and we actually shook hands and went our seperate ways.

Surprisingly the game of laser tag went fairly well for having 20 completely smashed guys running around a dark room with plastic guns and the only way to see was the strobe lights other than a couple times when one of us would run into a wall or each other.

So we decide it's time to end the night and go home, now it's Jon driving, my roommate Alex sitting shotgun me right behind him and my friend Justin behind Jon, we are almost home and everything was fine but then Alex starts talking about feeling like he was gonna puke and as he was saying that I was rolling up my window because I was getting cold and as soon as my window finished rolling up he just sticks his head out the window and I just hear a gaint splat and my friend Justin sitting next to me yell "what the fuck" I look at my window at it's covered in Alex's puke and you can tell its cheese and nachos and I look over at Justin and he has puke all over his shoulder and face. Somehow Alex's puke swung around the car while going at least 50MPH and hit Justin. Got home we all passed out and woke up the next day feeling great other than the 5 hours we spent cleaning.

Sorry about the long story but I had to share. If you liked this one I have a few other funny ones I will share another time.
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