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Conversation Between daCooksta and Cam-Dog
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  1. daCooksta
    03-30-2010 03:13 PM
    that's excellent.

    Yeah, while this place is small (right now), I like the atmosphere. It's familiar, but it's a bit different from SG. It's nice, I'll stay super active on SG, but I expect to stick around here as well.
  2. Cam-Dog
    03-30-2010 01:32 PM
    Haha it was meant to say "I hope you can grace the Ship with your smelly and often appetizing posts on a regular basis."
    I don't know how I messed that one up so bad. :/
  3. daCooksta
    03-30-2010 01:19 PM
    I'm not actually sure how that last part worked as a sentence, but thanks, if you mean to say my posting is appetizing.
  4. Cam-Dog
    03-30-2010 10:50 AM
    That gave me chills. How you can grace the Ship with your smelly and often appetizing posting on a regular basis.
  5. daCooksta
    03-30-2010 09:23 AM
    (Read in Lono's voice)
    You got a problem with the Cooksta?

    If you can't stand the heat, GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!
  6. Cam-Dog
    03-28-2010 09:39 PM
    Ahh not you! Leave!

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