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04-27-2012, 12:34 AM
Ok Shipheads, I now present my poll to you for inspection and interaction.

Once you've voted on the poll, leave a comment below, and tell us why you think your game of choice should be condemned to the fiery pits of hell so the other may live. Also, tell us what you thought of this weeks show. Did you like it? Did you Love it? Do you want more of it?

Remember, voting for the poll and commenting in this thread will either lead to your comment getting read out on the show, or at the very least, we will give you a shoutout for taking the time to participate.

Anyway guys, thank you for taking the time to listen to The Gamebang, talk to ya's again in under 2 weeks.


04-27-2012, 12:53 AM
I'm tired of Call of Duty games. I'm not a fanboy, but at least Halo has a good story and a decent Multi-player.

04-27-2012, 01:33 AM
double post

04-27-2012, 01:40 AM
I'd throw Halo 4 into the pits of hell. Not because I want Blackops 2 to come out (I really don't), but because Halo is a terrible game series. Halo Reach was probably the worst multiplayer experience I have ever taken part in. It had extremely overpowered weapons that everybody fought for and camped with (which I guess is the Halo formula), and the armor abilities were just awful. I mean seriously, what the fuck. I couldn't play that game for more than 5 minutes at a time since it was so boring.
And the singleplayer. Holy. Shit. I had more fun getting kicked in the groin by a 200 pound soccer player than I had playing through that shoddily put together storyline.
Also, fuck my friend for convincing me to buy it the day it came out.

Now onto Black Ops 2. Dave, you always go on about Black Ops, and I DON"T UNDERSTAND WHY. That game is by far the easiest/worst in the series right after CoD 3. I know that you probably have a grand time playing a game that looks like a cartoon, but I sure as hell don't. Damn those graphics are bad.
And the difficulty level! Ohhhh the difficulty level. Never before in a CoD game have I been able to run around like a dumbass and consistently get 30+ kills and less than 5 deaths per game. It's basically like playing against mentally challenged children the entire time. Even my friend, who admits to being a less than stellar CoD player, says that Black Ops is way too easy. Sure it's fun to kill a fuck ton of people for a game or two, but the lack of a challenge makes it dreadfully boring after a little while.
Now, I do admit that Nazi Zombies is always fun, but having that game mode in Black Ops is basically like putting sprinkles on a steaming pile of shit.

So I guess I would throw both games into the pit, now that I think about it. I'd throw Halo 4 in first, and then let Dave tumble into the pit Gollum style along with Black Ops 2. After that I'd pop in Superman 64 and have a gaming experience equal to that of Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 combined.

04-27-2012, 05:02 AM
i voted for the sake of voting

04-27-2012, 05:23 AM
Man when is the new Xbox coming out? NO I ain't buying the WiiU, fuck that thing.

04-27-2012, 01:31 PM
Man when is the new Xbox coming out? NO I ain't buying the WiiU, fuck that thing.

Never, it's like the cake and the cake is a lie!

It should be teased at E3 2013, announced before E3 2014, and released in November 2014.

Anyone wanna place a bet?

04-27-2012, 04:48 PM
I've grown so fucking bored of both these series over the last few years that I don't really give a fuck about either. But FOR THE GOOD OF THE POLE!!! I would dump CoD because it got stale first.

04-29-2012, 06:33 AM
That was a more difficult decision than I though but I guess I'll throw Black Ops 2, only because Halo 4 has a new developer so it will either rise to the top or burn to the ground.
Note that Black Ops 1 is my favorite CoD game right ahead MW2.

04-29-2012, 04:08 PM

Umm, COD can go fuck itself. I dont care about MP, I just really NEED to know how the story continues in the Haloverse. If only it had 20-30HRS of campaign like Mass Effect.

05-07-2012, 04:58 AM
Fuck Halo, that game is decent and all but the online just isn't as fun or entertaining as the ol' Call O Duty. Plus Black Ops is by far the best Call of Duty so far and I'm intrigued by this idea of futuristic shit in the new one it'll either be a hit or a horrible miss and an angry Colby. Either way... FUCK YOU HALO

05-07-2012, 05:36 AM
They will both suck.