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11-18-2011, 10:26 PM
I introduced some of my new friends to the greatness that is a BMDD and it went great.
I told them the rules(which we need a poster made of) and popped in Bloodline that we found at the Airman's Attic(its a Air Force version of a thrift store but all the stuff is free for us), which when looking at the cover looked awesome like a nice shitty wanna be Saw movie.
http://image.xyface.com/image/b/movie-bloodline-2004-ii/bloodline-2004-ii-132457.jpg*None of this stuff on the cover ever happens.

But alas it just turned out to be a straight up shitty movie, which I guess is the point but it was just to bad. This fucking turd of a film tried to have a "story" and "emotion" both of which we would none of in our drunkenness.

I'll give it a 0 of 5 Ships for Nudity because there was none, that's what pissed us off the most.
And a 3 of 5 Ships for Drinkability which is not bad one of the bad guys was a drunk so we hated him of course and there was a decent number of kills.
So unless you are in a particularly high selfhate kind of mood avoid this one.

My friends still loved the whole BMDD vibe so we will be doing it often.

11-21-2011, 10:39 AM
Glad to hear of the success