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03-28-2010, 01:51 PM
Download or listen here. (http://media.podcastingmanager.com/0/6/5/1/3/140716-131560/Media/Talking%20Ship%20Episode%20_%205%20(v5.2).mp3?ref= rss)

Talkingship Episode # 5 (V5.2)
WHAT DOES V5.2MEAN? Well, Jitterbug accidentally erased the original episode 5 offof our blog! So we had to repost it, and so we called it V5.2. It'sthe same show as the one we posted a week ago, it just feels new!!
Geton the ship! This is what weāre calling our very first OFFICIALepisode of Talkingship! We start out with a new sketch, then go intoour normal segments: Soundsystem, Video Vault, Playing With Ourselves,and News From the Mainland. And who could forget the beer?!? Andplease forgive the cricket in the background through this! I promiseIāll kill it before the next show! Oh, and one last thing, count thenumber of times Jitterbug calls Nerves, āSon.ā
Beer of the Day = Peteās Wicked Rally Cap
BeerFact of the Week = Nerves forgot to get a Beer Fact this week! Listento him try to cover his ass with a LAME Beer Fact of the Week!
Soundsystem= Itās a special edition of Soundsystem! Nerves and Jitterbug decidethat they both want to talk about Mike Patton! So this segment turnsinto an ode to Mike Patton! Mr. Bungle (The Girls of Porn, GoodbyeSober Day). Faith No More (Ashes to Ashes, Gentle Art of MakingEnemies).
Either / Or : What music do you take to a fight?
Video Vault= Jitterbug wants to start an 80ās comedy marathon! Help us pick 580ās comedies that we should watch! Also, Nerves gets called out formaligning Kim Catrall! Nerves just watched Saw 3, and we talk aboutthe advent of the Torture Porn movie fad.
Either / Or : Eddie Murphy OR Dave Chapelle OR Richard Pryor
News From the Mainland = A guy gets pepper sprayed for laughing too hard; $6K Watermelons; Shatner hates bedding trekkies; Viagra chocolate.
Playing With Ourselves = Jitterbug loves the Xbox 360 Arcadeās Castle Crashers. Nerves expresses his LOVE of all things Rockband!
Either / Or : Xbox 360ās Arcade OR The Wii Marketplace
Closing Song = Buford : Side By Side

Download or listen here. (http://media.podcastingmanager.com/0/6/5/1/3/140716-131560/Media/Talking%20Ship%20Episode%20_%205%20(v5.2).mp3?ref= rss)