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the world has more than 20,000 kinds of food additives, there are 2 commonly used in China to allow more than one thousand kinds, to become the Kingdom of production and consumption of food additives. Global annual consumption of preservative islots wholesale (http://www.lots-wholesale.org) about 10 million tons, while production capacity of preservatives to up to 20 tons. Our annual production and consumption of food additives total of more than 700 million tons, the total value of more than 700 billion yuan. From the amount,juicy couture outlet online (http://www.ebeyss.com/juicy-couture-outlet-c-152.html), we eat into the stomach as much as food additives and eggs.
A survey shows that 97% of processed foods rosetta stone spanish (http://www.rosettastonespanishdemo.com) contain food additives, 99% of respondents do not like the food additive. But the "21st Century Economic Report," a senior reporter Ke Zhixiong found that manufacturers of food additives, if God can give them one wish, I am afraid that allow consumers to eat more. In fact, they have been doing.

As food additives low cost, wide range of uses, the Government approved the use of,rosetta stone spanish (http://www.rosettastonespanishdemo.com), and our special focus on Chinese color, smell, taste, from the industry since the 90s of last century the rapid development and achievements of many producers. In 2008, topped the China Rich List Hurun 28-bit is the "queen of fragrance" Zhulin Yao, her worth over 13 billion yuan, with an international flavor and fragrance production kingdom Warburg.
From an economic point of view, long-standing problem of food security is rooted in information asymmetry. As early as two thousand years ago, Confucius taught his disciples not to eat the meat of unknown origin, do not drink the wine of unknown origin, because you do not know the seller in the wine and meat to add something. Product Information asymmetry is the social division of labor and market exchange of products, and with the division gucci outlet (http://www.gucci-outletonline.net) of refinement and further enhance the development of technology. In the self-sufficiency, you pigs, vegetables and cooking, you know better than anyone the ins and outs of these foods. When you go with your pork and others support the exchange of milk,lots wholesale (http://www.lots-wholesale.org), the information asymmetry occurred. You do not know each other's milk is added with the melamine, they do not know whether clenbuterol in pork.

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