View Full Version : Episode # 28 - Cowpies of Doom on Dildo Blvd.

03-28-2010, 01:51 PM
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Talkingship Episode #28 Cow Pies of Doom on Dildo Blvd.
Talkingship scores an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama that goes in an interesting direction. Then Nerves tells us the biggest news of his LIFE!
Beer of the Day: Green Lake Organic Ale by Deschutteās Brewery.
Beer Fact: Wet Your Whistle
Soundsystem: Jitterbug takes us to Denver to talk about a band that appeared on a Gears of War 2 commercial. And Nerves has a special dedication this week.
Jitterbugās Pick
Band: Devotchka
Song: How It Ends
Album: How It Ends
Nervesā Pick
Band: Tom Waits
Song: Picture in a Frame
Album: Mule Variations
Either/Or: Chicken Dance OR Electric Slide
News From the Mainland: Public Intoxication ; Worst Firefighters in the world ; Dildo Blvd ; Keys and trashcans ; Airport hysterics ; Boobs in your face ; $6 Steaks ; The worst broken nail in history ; Get me some HinDEW!
Davy Jonesā Locker: You get pain and the cow pies of doom
Video Vault: Jitterbug and Nerves went to see the new Friday the 13th and tell you what they think.
Either/Or: Street Fighter the movie OR Super Mario Brothers Movie
Playing With Ourselves: Nerves drunk drives with Forza Motorsports 2. Rock Band 2 invades the ship yet again, this time at the behest of Jitterbugās Wife! We also get into DLCs, Hawx, fun vs pretty games, and i-phone games.
Either/Or: Top Gun OR Tiger Heli
Closing Song:
Artist: Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution
Song: Itās a Wonderful Life
Album: Call To Arms

Download or listen here. (http://media.podcastingmanager.com/0/6/5/1/3/140716-131560/Media/Talkingship%20Episode%20_%2028%202.mp3?ref=rss)