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03-28-2010, 01:51 PM
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Talkingship Episode # 29 Thereās Shit in This Water
Welcome to PM Essenhouse! Nerves and Jitterbug have the sausage you came for so saddle up for another hour of heaping helpings.
Beer of the Day: Lagunitas Brewery ā The Censored Rich Copper Ale
Beer Fact: Babylonians and their time traveling beer trivia.
Other goodies
ā¢ Talkingship search terms
ā¢ Best Beer Bong Ever
ā¢ Chris Brownās a db
ā¢ Peter Gabriel is sad
ā¢ Bruce Sprinsteen and the Wrestler
ā¢ Walmart exclusive Springsteen
ā¢ No GnR Reunion
Nerves Pick
Band: Queens of the Stoneage
Song: Mexicola
Album: Queens of the Stoneage
Jitterbugās Pick
Band: David Byrne and Brian Eno
Song: Home
Album: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
EITHER/OR: Blondie OR Devo
News From the Mainland: Naked church funeral tasers ; Baby shotguns ; Drivers test fail ; One cig too late ; German poop cash ; We hate Bret for another reason ; Florida dmv bs ; Married to a dog ; Baby snitch
Davy Jones Locker: Shit in the Water
What Am I Eating?: Nerves tricks Jitterbug into eating kangaroo
Video Vault: SPOILER ALERT! We discuss the ending of the Watchmen Comic Book as well as the end of the Watchmen Movie. So if you donāt want to hear about it you need to skip ahead to 53:25. Nerves watched American Teen and wants to talk about it.
EITHER/OR: Fantastic Four OR Daredevil
Closing Song
Band: Michael Franti & Spearhead
Song: Everybody Ona Move
Album: Yell Fire!

Download or listen here. (http://media.podcastingmanager.com/0/6/5/1/3/140716-131560/Media/Talkingship%20Episode%20_%2029.mp3?ref=rss)