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03-28-2010, 01:51 PM
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Talkingship Episode # 47 ‚ Pissing on Graves
The Boys Are Back! They tried to stop us, but there‚s NO STOPPING THIS BOAT! Nerves and Jitterbug are ready to do something similar to entertain you. We talk about the new Talkingship.com as well.
Beer of the Day: Abita Amber
Beer Fact: Beer quotes
Davy Jones‚ Locker: Some 007 shit here.
Video Vault: Jitterbug reviews ‚Up‚ and Nerves reviews ‚Gran Torino.‚ Jitterbug and Nerves both went to see ‚The Hangover.‚
EITHER/OR: Clint Eastwood OR Mel Gibson
Then we go off on a tangent about Michael Jackson.
Nerves‚ Pick
Band: Motorhome
Song: I Know Better
Album: Almost Vegas
Jitterbug‚s Pick
Band: The Mighty Blue Kings
Song: Alive in the City
Album: Alive in the City
EITHER/OR: Metallica Re-united OR Guns n Roses Re-united
News From the Mainland: Monkey Pee ; Animals that shit wherever they want SUCK ; Canned Piddle ; Mark Sanford‚s Business Expense ; President Dick Sucking ; Sleepy Stabber ; Puppet Display Gone Wrong ; Wallabee Crop Circles ; Just Burn Them.
Fan of the Week: Iam_spartacus
Closing Song: Tyler and Matt cover an Iron Maiden tune to close the show.

Download or listen here. (http://media.podcastingmanager.com/0/6/5/1/3/140716-131560/Media/Talkingship%20Episode%20_%2047.mp3?ref=rss)