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03-28-2010, 01:51 PM
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TalkingshipEpisode # 56 ‚ Like A Virgin

Are the boys back? Things start off a little differently,and the guys don‚t sound like themselves! But things quickly get back on course as we usher in the new format ofTalkingship. And by new, we mean,pretty much the same. The fanshave spoken and we listened. We‚renot going to fuck with too much about the show, but we are going to try andincrease the quality of the content that we bring each week.

Beerof the Week

Big Sky Brewing ‚ Bobo‚s Robust Porter

TalkingshipHistory Lesson

The Legend of Senor Giggles.


We have changed this segment to make itmore interesting for the listeners. We discuss various upcoming movies.

· X-MenFirst Class

· Batman3 w/ the Joker?

· TheGreen Hornet and Nick Cage / Christopher Waltz

· Kick-AssClips

· IHope They Serve Beer In Hell

EITHER/OR: Horror OR Sci-Fi


· PavementReunites

· NervesHates Livenation

· Kissis Back!

· VampireWeekend‚s New Album

· ButtholeSurfers Concert

Jitterbug‚s Pick

Band: Goatwhore

Song: Apocalyptic Haven

Album: Carving Out The Eyes Of God

Nerves‚ Pick

Band: Austrian Death Machine

Song: Hello California/Get To The Choppa

Album: Total Brutal

EITHER/OR: Dropkick Murphy‚s OR Murphy‚sLaw

NewsFrom The Mainland

We explain the new rules for News FromThe Mainland. It is Nerves‚ job to figure out which of the following stories isa lie.

Story 1 is about a girl killing analligator.

Story 2 features a group of angry BearsFans.

Story 3 tells the story of a man who soldhis father‚s car for $50 worth of Crack Cocaine.


Previous Either Or : T or A

New Poll : Favorite Star Wars Movie

New Either Or : Thundercats OR He-Man

Talkingship Fan of the Week: The Sovolas


Band: Bob Dylan

Song: It‚s All Over Now, Baby Blue

Album: No Direction Home

Download or listen here. (http://media.podcastingmanager.com/0/6/5/1/3/140716-131560/Media/Talkingship%20Episode%20_%2056.mp3?ref=rss)