View Full Version : Am I the Only One?

10-02-2010, 06:16 PM
I was curious, am I the only one who tries to take Politics in small doses? I am the type of person that tries to keep up to a very limited extent with the numerous Political debate. I used to follow politics at every given moment when I didn't have to focus on anything else, mostly while driving and listening to talk radio. But, as I kept listening and the months slipped away, I found that my blood pressure was getting out of hand, and my attitude and trust in the government and the way some people vote, really got me peeved. Now, I try to limit it only to when my wife listens to it, and right before elections, so I don't turn into one of those people who vote strait down the D or R on the ballot.

Also, it is getting to the point that everyone with a microphone and/or loud enough voice has an opinion on everything in regards to politics. I don't like political arguments, because our country is splitting into so many different categories, i.e. Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, some Independents, Tea Party; and everyone of those categories is always right, and you are retarded if you disagree wit them, and you should pack your bags because the country is going strait to hell if you don't vote their way.

If this country gets any more divided, and to so many different extremes, then I might just start labeling myself as an anarchist. Mostly, I am tired of seeing so many brainwashed people taking someone else's opinion of they way they should vote and don't do research and leads this community/city/precinct/state/nation into a hole that we may never get out of.

Lastly, please don't take this as me pointing my finger and shaking at any individual. I am an Independent, and for the most part haven't seen any quality candidates for any of the big seats of power that affect me. I would also like to note that I took great care not to shun or point out any parties, individuals, or communities, so please don't send me any hate mail. I don't see one person as completely evil, and fortunately haven't encountered any seated politician that I am 100% against...at least not anywhere that affects my district, and the way that I live my life.

10-04-2010, 08:07 PM
Your blood pressure goes up because you don't agree with the shit you are hearing. This is normal. Maybe you need more involvement and not less. It sounds like you are ready to go, but just a little leery of the inevitable backlash from the enemy, whomever it may be.

10-04-2010, 08:34 PM
I do follow politics quite a bit but I'm careful to keep it at an arms reach away because that shit can really mess with you. My grandpa watches the news everyday for at least 4 hours and he starts to yell at the TV sometimes. Thats when you know its to much.